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Far Cry 5: Yes for real money transactions, not for permanent internet connection

The company 's first big game 2018 will try to continue the success of Assassin's Creed Origins with a very similar business approach

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Next week will inform us the new installment in the series , Equipped with great aspirations to upgrade and perfect the well-known formula of fighting against charismatic and evil guys in an open and wildly large environment.

Prior to launch, the distributor Decided to make clear to consumers the built-in acquisition mechanisms of the title, which sound like a desire to find a way to create another significant revenue stream without incurring widespread anger in the gaming community.

Declares that purchases with real money will not give unfair advantage in competitions between users - and we very much hope it will

Like any modern game from a great company as well 5 will include options for virtual "real improvements" for consumers who have already purchased the game for a recommended price of 60 dollars - when in single-player or co-op situations these are means and add-ons that will provide enhanced player capabilities and the ability to move faster In the game of the game, whereas in competitive online game modes these additions will be purely cosmetic, without giving any tangible advantage to the paying player on the face of a "simple" player.

The game should not include purchases of random elements, ie Loot Box - players knew in advance what they were investing money and what they would get in return

Far Cry 5 will allow you to play without the need for a fixed connection to a single player, to our delight - unlike quite a few other games where there is a full integration between the online game and the personal and private game, and the network connection is a basic requirement that can cause problems at any time . The online and collaborative game modes of 5 will require a network connection, naturally.

Micro-transactions similar to that of Assassin's Creed Origins?

Is there a chance to restore this impressive success? 3, or mainly continuity of titles from the last years that were 'more of the same'? In a few days we'll find out.

There will also be refreshing and quite unique DLC content, which will be offered at an additional cost, as is usually the case

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