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Microsoft's great gaming console for 2018

The title of the fresh races is probably the best exclusive of For 2018 - enjoying impressive sales of over 2 million units right from the start

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Microsoft needed an exclusive title for its systems (Xbox One and 10 that became part of the deal) in the current year following relative disappointment with Sea of ​​Thieves and State of Decay 2 among some critics and players - and received it big time with Forza Horizon 4, which is considered by many not only the most successful in the Horizon series so far but even the most successful of all Forza brand, with sales volumes that match that.

The new episode throws players in the open world which is an impressive digital version of Scotland and Northern England with hundreds of vehicles of all types and seasons and seasons that affect not only the visual appearance but also the control and trajectories themselves - and is sympathetic to both its technical quality and the gameplay that succeeds in its mission to be Also accessible for beginners and challenging and also interesting for devoted fans of the field - without relying on real money micro-transactions and with a particularly effective combination of offline and single-player mode and network game mode with up to 72 human participants.

Alone in front of artificial intelligence or friends - Forza Horizon 4 succeeds and even renews from time to time

With an average grade of 92 from the 100 Metacritic site to the Xbox One version Based on more than 80 reviews and various score 88 from 100 to the PC versionForza Horizon 4 is the best and most critically-acclaimed game for any racing game ever - and with the reporting of over 2 million active players just a week after its official launch, it is also estimated that it will also break its commercial predecessors' highs and become the main success story of Studios (Which will also ensure that we will see Forza Horizon 5 and many other Forza games in the coming years).

It is probably the best application for the seasons and changing weather in the video game

Now, the first major update to the game at 25 this October, Thursday, will also add a system that will allow players to create their own tracks in the massive open world - which can only add to the powerful addiction element that exists in the title.

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  1. The game has a clear infrastructure for micro-acquisitions. It's good to know that they held back, especially after what happened at 7 motorsports. The seasons feature could easily be DLC and from that they were avoided. It pays not to be greedy and money at the expense of consumers.

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