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GOG launches a great promotional party and offers Age of Wonders free

The popular online store that focuses on classic games and titles without any file protection announces its own deal deal campaign that will last 11 days - and offers a great free strategy game no money for the agile between you

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If by mistake you still have some budget left The countless operations that attacked us the previous weekend, To the online gaming store .COM has some interesting and worthwhile offers for you.

First of all, even if you don't have any extra money left - the company offers you the strategy title in the classic Age of Wonders totally free. Similar to GOG's previous free offers, This time all you need to do to get the gift is to register on the site or log in to your existing account. Note that the number of copies offered is limited and (at the time of writing) 39,300 remains. The operation can be found On the home page of the store, After a short scroll down.

Hurry up and grab a free copy before it's over
Hurry up and grab a free copy before it's over

Other interesting deals in the festive route, which will also change every few hours throughout the operation, include:

  • The crazy remake of the Rise of the Triad game last year, priced at just $ 3
  • Title of the Tropico 3 strategy in the Gold Edition version, at a cost of $ 3
  • A package that includes five classic games from Sid Mayer at the price of 5.95 Dollars
  • Trine 2's favorite and original platform game in the Complete Story version, priced at just $ 2 (90 discount of the original price)
  • Wasteland 2, the old-school-style role-playing game and the direct continuation of the 1987 classic, launched a month ago, at the price of 26.8 dollars, which is a discount of 33 of the original price
  • Divinity 2 in the Developers Cut version for 4 dollars, plus Divinity: Dragon Commander at 8 and the new and great addition to the series, Divinity: Original Sin, at a discounted price of 32 USD
  • Title The Total Annihilation strategy in the Commander Pack version, at a funny price of $ 1.5
  • Xenonauts, a hardcore version faithful to the origins of XCOM, for the price of 12.5 dollars

Did you find another crazy deal that we did not mention? As always, please share them all in comments!


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  1. Yesterday I took it and I still did not receive it ... Is it okay or recommended to send them an email?

  2. @OR2OOO ​​have their client download and return to the site to download the game and activate (on) link to download

  3. @OR2OOO ​​have their client download and return to the site to download the game and activate (on) link to download

    Just for knowledge - it's true that GOG has a new client software (designed for multitasking and updates) but they have stated in advance that they do not need it to run their games

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