Tomb Raider - New Details

תגובה אחת

The launch of the famous game series will offer 15 hours of play, open world elements and other surprises

Ken Stewart, senior director of game development company Crystal Dynamics, said the game would be long enough and an average player could finish the game around the 15 for hours. Not bad in relation to the current life of the games.

In addition, he pointed out on Twitter that there would be a life meter in the game and that Lara knew how to swim in the game but that the swimming element would not be part of the plot, it was a clever way to admit that Lara was not swimming in the next title of the series - and a pity.

The new Tomb Raider, which won the demo on The latter was supposed to come out at the end of the 2012. However, the developers postponed the release of the game on the grounds that their ambition is to spend their best game and let the players get excited about the new game and therefore should invest more in development. Quite acceptable.

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The next game starring Lara Croft is expected to be a bit different from all the games in the previous series.
We will be struck by a new, more frightened and younger character of Lara and the plot that begins with her ship being lost on the shore of a mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean. Slowly we will connect through the following events in the game to the sexy heroine and possession that we all know.

We will also be exposed to new concepts such as a semi-open world and survival games that will include hunting, injury and the creation of tools.

Two collectors' editions of the game were recently exposed.
The collector's edition that you upload to 99 $ will contain:

  • A statue of Lara armed with weapons.
  • Poster designed.
  • A stone pattern of Lara.
  • A designed pouch by Lara
  • Three tags from the game.
  • Survival List for And 10 soundtracks from the game.
  • DLC Weapons Pack.

The Survival Edition, to be uploaded by 79 $ and except for the statuette, will contain everything in the collectors' edition.

The game will be released in Israel on 5 / 3 / 2013 to Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3 and PC.

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