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Remotr: PC games on your smartphone

Have you ever wanted to play on your computer while you're in bed? Or are you in the middle of an amazing move and you must go to the bathroom? Get to know Remotr, the app that lets you play on your computer through your smartphone

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Your game library is available to play on any smartphone You have

Playing on this computer has been a long time ago. Since the possibility of playing the Sony PlayStation console directly from the PSP device throughout the house appeared, we started to prefer to play our games in places that are convenient for us, rather than on a chair in front of the computer or in the living room with a family. If you are an Android user (and even iOS users coming soon), to Get to know Remotr Which will stream your PC games over your home network directly to your smartphone with ease.

Like other gaming solutions on the market, Remotr also allows the user to control the game with customizable controls, all within the Android app. In order to use the Remotr service, there are several steps (very simple), when the first requires you to download Remotr application for your PC, From which you want to stream a game.

The application currently supports only PC computers that run Windows 7 or higher, without additional information about support for Mac OS or Linux. Once you have installed the app on your computer, an orange icon should appear in the system tray that represents the application running in the background but does not stream any games at this time. Steps 2 and 3, which you probably expected from the start, are to connect your Android device to the same network (wireless in this case) that the computer from which you want to stream your games connected to it, Remotr app to the same device (With support for devices With version 4.1 or higher).

The League of Legends game is streamed to a smartphone based With the Remotr app

With the successful installation of the Remotr application on your Android device, a list of computers running the desktop software will appear, and all you have to do is click on the desired computer to stream the games. Now (on the first run) the software will scan the computer for games that can be streamed, and these will be displayed in a kind of canvas that is pleasant to the eye with a picture of each game the software has found. At this time there is no information about which games are really streaming (games are also programmed as and- Can be streamed from the app?), But we speculate that as the app's popularity increases, wider gaming and platform support will come as well.

As we noted at the beginning, the company behind the Remotr application notes that an iOS-compatible application is already under development, and the company also declares that each game is supported by the streaming application, with examples like Shadow of Mordor, - Advanced Warfare, Diablo 3, Most Wanted and more.

The mobile streaming service is nothing new, but the Remotr application does it in an incredibly easy way that allows almost everyone to do it with minimal effort. Until Microsoft allows such streaming with Microsoft Windows xnumx operating system, We will have to "settle" for secondary services like this one. The app is available for free in the storeGoogle Play for AndroidSo what are you waiting for?

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