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Virtual Reality version of Skyrim comes to PCs (updated)

updating: Reality version of the imaginary Steam was officially launched With support for the Oculus Rift Goggles, the HTC Vive and those from the Mixed Reality platform from Microsoft - and is receiving some very positive reviews at this point when system requirements set up a GTX 970 card or RX 480 as minimum required and GTX or 1070 RX 56 as the recommended threshold.

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The original version: The impressive VR version of one of the best games created will land on very soon

There are countless ways, more or less, to experience the fascinating and wonderful world of The Elder Scrolls V: , And starting next month, PC players will get another one, very special - through their VR glasses.

After launching with quite successful responses on the PlayStation VR platform at the end of last year, Bethesda officially announces the end of the exclusivity period of the console and its launch Skyrim VR is also on the Steam platform on personal computers, And the HTC Vive and G- Supported by it.

After six months, Could benefit from Maximum immersion - now it will also be possible on PC

The game will be launched on 3 in April with all the content of the DLC packages that were created for it and with a full recommended price tag of 255 (or $ 60), which is identical to the full price of the Fallout 4 VR launched a few months ago. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any reduction to those who have already purchased the title in its standard version. Support for modding probably will not be here either.

The price is definitely expensive, and neither is expected support for the foreseeable future - but even in this situation, this product is intriguing and very promising for us

Worth the money, even if you've already experienced dozens and hundreds of hours of Viking fantasy filled with dragons before? We'll soon find out.

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