Star Wars Battlefront: Playstation video from your PC has already reached the network

You want to see what it looks like Battlefront III To your PC? Now finally there is a good opportunity for that.

stage Alpha tests Of the title began, and despite the fact that in all these tests there is an explicit prohibition to bring out any information and documentation - it does not seem to deter those who have succeeded in getting through, and are now uploading to the network many interesting records of the games (and the visual quality) that we expect, at least at this stage about five months before the launch Designed for the game.

Note that EA and DICE are working hard to download all these recordings from the network as soon as possible, so it is quite possible that the videos here will become unavailable soon - but nevertheless, new videos are coming online all the time, and it seems that the distributor and developer can not really To stand in this burst.


In addition to the videos, there are also up-to-date pictures from the game - which look just stunning 4K resolution

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