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Steam: End of Year Deals are here

The virtual game store does not miss a reason to party and announces a wave For the end of the civil year - and this time you can vote and influence the operations

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As the end of a civil year, the equal performances of the gaming world come to us.

The campaigns will take part in almost all of the major titles that have been published in recent years, as well as those that came from the community's requests, so that every day you will have the opportunity Choose the next operation and influence.

The offers will end with 5 / 1 / 2013 and will be updated daily.

Games on sale

  • The game, which began as a Warcraft 3 game and became one of the most popular games in the world, is the best Dota 2, currently sold at half price and cost 14.99$ only. recommended!
  • The last year's action / zombie hit, Dead Island, was sold in the GOTY (Game of the Year Edition) version, containing the game + extensions and assuming 66%, the price- 6.79$ Only. Recommended!
  • The tremendous Bandal of the excellent strategy series Dawn of War is sold at a discount of 75% and at an equal price of 9.99$. recommended!
  • The game of sport / strategy (yes, there is a sub-genre like this) Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition, influenced by the World of Warhammer, sold at half price and cost 14.99$.
  • The Dungeon Defenders game is sold at a discount of 75% and stands at the price of 3.74$. If you would like to flood the library with sets in 24 lines, you are welcome to purchase the full Bundle of the series at a price 12.49$.

operational - Flash Sales

It is also worth paying attention to the flash operations in sets that surprise you occasionally with titles that are wanted for a short time only.

The last title in the series The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now sold at half price and rising 7.49$. We recommend that you add a few pennies and purchase the whole series at an amazing price of 9.99$. recommended!

Another game worth paying attention to is the excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which is sold at a discount of 33% and costs 33.49$. recommended!

Game collections of distributors

Every year, game distributors offer game packs at a price , Which contain a variety of quality titles.

First and foremost, the eyes immediately focus on THQ's collection Which announced bankruptcy this week, But to our delight, she does not lock the offices and go home, but continues to develop the titles she has begun working on. The package offered by the company is one of the most similar packages we have seen recently on sets and it is no wonder that it stands at the top of the most sold packages. The package costs 24.99$ In contrast to the " The latter, which contained 7 games, here is a respectable collection of no less 22 titles for the company. recommended!

You missed the The Humble THQ Bundle? You have another chance to buy great games for a fraction of the price

Unlike THQ, whose package is highly recommended, I did not like the fact that the rest of the distributors removed some of their good titles from their collections so that they could sell them separately or because they are just greedy. The others simply offer relatively old games and are not so popular today and the price of the packages does not pay.

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  1. It is highly recommended to look at other stores
    in parallel. Say, XCOM is sold at 50% off with code sets in GETGAMES

  2. It's worth comparing with gmg & amazon before buying, and dota2 will be free at the end, so…

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