A new version of Popcorn Time is available directly from your browser

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The movie and series streaming service comes back with a more recent version, which offers the ability to view through your favorite browser after downloading an appropriate plugin

You're tired of the Kodi? For the famous P2P streaming service, Popcorn Time (Popcorn Time), there is a new version that might work for you - one that works from most browsers, without the need to run dedicated software.

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All that is required to do is access To the new service address, Download and install a browser-specific plug-in that supports video streaming from torrent files, and access a library with a wide range of videos and live-to-watch, About the same as Netflix, But free of charge and in a manner that is gray at best.

Another way to get Popcorn Time is at your computer
Another way to get Popcorn Time is at your computer

It should be noted that at this time it is not clear whether there is a connection between this version of Popcorn Time Official versions, Which are based on a specific software and application that is available for download , Mac OS X, Linux distributions, and-. On the official site of the software version of the service there is no mention of the new project - and therefore we will make it clear that its use, and especially the download of the browser plug-in required to operate it, is at the user's responsibility only.

Either way - it's another way (especially convenient and accessible) to watch the content Without the need for payment, for that user.