The new Microsoft video reveals the major drawback of the HOLOON HOLONE ™ glasses

Microsoft's new video reveals the main drawback of the HoloLens

Microsoft's HoloLens technology Looks amazing, there is no doubt in that. The ability to transform the real world into anything you want by means of a transcendent reality that combines the practical and the imagined sounds like it was taken from a dreamy futuristic film, but it already exists and works in Microsoft's labs. With all this, it seems that For HoloLens (At least the first model to come to the market during the next year) will be one conspicuous shortcoming, in the form of a very limited operating space and display, which will transform the plush reality from an entire world into something peeping through a certain opening right in front of you.

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Reports of this deficiency have been heard First try At HoloLens a few months ago, and now a new official YouTube video Offers, intentionally or not, a very good illustration of the problematic nature of the subject.


We want to believe that down the road there will be no problem creating a significantly improved display space, but for now it seems that Microsoft will not be easy to compete against High quality experiences And the "fullness" offered by the virtual reality school The competitor.

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