The next breakthrough? A battery that charges to 70 is held in two minutes, and 20 holds one year

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The new technology that allows the battery to charge quickly and survive much longer is based on There is, in addition to a little "sunscreen"


A team of researchers from Singapore have developed a new generation of lithium-ion batteries, capable of charging up to 70, a two-minute lightning percentage that developers say can be charged Complete of electric cars in 15 minutes, unprecedented time for each type any. Total developers say that the new generation of batteries they developed claims and survives 20 more than the previous generation, far more than just upgrading.

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The huge improvement in charge time and battery reliability comes from tiny structures called "nanostructures". The developer team replaced the graphite that made up the The anode (positive pole) Of the lithium ion battery with a titanium dioxide gel, the same substance as a sunscreen. This gel has been transformed into tiny structures capable of speeding up the loading process, an improvement that has finally emerged as a breakthrough in the field of batteries.

"With the nano- Our electric cars can dramatically amplify their driving range with only five minutes of charging, equal to the amount of time it takes to refuel a car today, "said Chen Ziyudong, associate professor at Nanyang Technological University.

A timetable for the entry of technology into the market There are no more openings, but this is really an opportunity to change the face of the technology market, and we can not wait for that. What kind of product of this revolutionary discovery are you most excited about?