28 Comeback Years: The Google Home Hot Ad

Macaulay Kalkin returns to the house where he played the role of his life - and becomes viral online

The field of smart domestic helpers continues to be one of the most promising in the world of technology, so it is reasonable to assume that the battles and competition between the main players are not going to market anywhere soon - allowing us to get refreshing and interesting products.

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Now it's Google's turn to shine, with a new advertisement for The Google Home family Which is a kind of remake for one of the most successful comedy films of all time - has forgotten me at home, including what looks like the famous Lukshain and starring Macaulay Kalkin himself, or Kevin McAllister if you prefer.

The 38 player discovers that he stays home alone, again, when this time he uses the " Assistant to perform various actions that will remind everyone who has forgotten and loved the original work from 1990 - including talking to a pizza boy through Online and intimidating potential burglars with the help of a robotic vacuum cleaner and cardboard by NBA player Kevin Durant (as a replacement for the one and only Michael Jordan), without any action other than a simple voice command of course.

The advertisement is undoubtedly intended to appeal to a relatively mature audience that has experienced the film as a child and is now a perfect potential buyer for the smart products for his home and family, and it seems that with over 13 million views in less than two days on the official channel of On YouTube, this goal can be defined as a success. Amazon, , - Now is the time for you to respond.

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