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35 Once Upon A Time: First Trailer To Blade Runner 2049

The sequel to the best science fiction film ever created is approaching, and it seems mysterious and very intriguing

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The 2017 year marks a comeback year for veteran and renowned director Ridley Scott - also thanks to his return to the eighth passenger series with Alien: Covenant, which is on the big screen right now and receiving very positive reactions, as well as the sequel for the now legendary Blade Runner ( Not a bad chance at all that timing and coincidence are not accidental) First official and impressive trailer.

Exactly 35 years after the original came to the screeners, Blade Runner 2049 will be a feature-length sequel starring Ryan Gosling as a new recruiter to the Blade Runner unit, which aims to "retire" the human-like replicants that stank - when even Harrison Ford returns to Rick's character , 28 years after the first film event, while Jared Leto will join the team as the new 'Dad' of the androids at the center of the piece.

Blade Runner comes back after a long exile, and is the realization of a vision that was first born somewhere else at the end of the previous millennium

Blade Runner 2049 will benefit from the services of the scriptwriter, who was also responsible for the first Blade Runner, while Ridley Scott himself is acting producer, while the directing was given to Dennis Villeneuve, who gave us last year the successful science fiction film Arrival, and is also supposed to direct the film Of Dune, Dune, Classical series.

The two leading actors, the new and creative director of the original vision

The first full-length trailer for the film scheduled to land in October 2017 has now been launched, gaining impressive interest with over 5 million hits in In less than a day, when the new episode seems to keep its predecessor's mysterious and retro-futuristic look, along with an equally quirky soundtrack and probably plenty of philosophical and psychological touches intended to give viewers material thought that will remain relevant even after the on-screen events end. Add to that an intriguing statement about "the secret to the future of humanity that has finally been revealed," and you got a pretty successful debut video.

Blade Runner was not a huge commercial success story like Star Wars or ET. During his time, but over the years, he established his status as one of the most innovative and unique films created, and one that inspired a whole new sub-genre of neo-noir films. Is there any chance that Blade Runner 2049 will fill those big shoes after such a long wait? In a few months we will find out - and then you are welcome to give us your estimates.

Do we have a futuristic masterpiece in the making, or a great disappointment to all the fans who have waited patiently for many years?


8 תגובות

  1. At least the promo is reminiscent (and not for the better) of the "encounter".
    I don't know, I didn't connect.
    I'll be right for the movie.

  2. It's difficult to be impressed by the trailer. Excellent casting. Looks interesting and sunk.
    Indeed soundless - waiting patiently for at least a more significant trailer ...
    I've seen the original (including you the director's version) several times.
    A film with a fascinating and interesting depth.

  3. Good casting?

    The main actor is a Barbie doll without the ability to play. Ryan Gosling

    JARED LETO is also one of the annoying baby boy retarded.

    The good actors are already too old, put in to attract an adult audience for nostalgia.

    There could be a reasonable movie like the new TRON that was nice mainly because of the cool music and the beautiful scenes.

    But that's the bit, the new films are more invested in the atmosphere, in the visual product, they don't really have content. They are just imitations of old movies, just a beautiful shell. There is nothing thought-provoking or profound about them.

    Just movies for the atmosphere, for beautiful scenes for the trailer. And you can also see it by casting actors who are more like young models and models than people with talent.



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