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Nearly 15-foot screen: Samsung is expanding its offering of MicroLED TVs

Did you think that 219-inch and 292-inch modular televisions are a crazy feat? The Korean giant decides to push its technology to a new record with 437-inch and 583-inch displays

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The microLED technology for display media never ceases to amaze us - after several terrific models we met on our tours at the CES 2020 show decide To show what its true power is and to multiply the maximum dimensions we were familiar with, to provide revolutionary capabilities to the advertising world.

As part of an exhibition called ISE (Integrated Systems Europe), the company announced a pair of new models in The Wall family, which consists of a number of different panels in the technology. Manufactured separately and retrofitted to overcome the limitations and manufacturing challenges recognized by other display technologies (which require full panel production, which significantly limits the dimensions achievable) - with huge diagonal dimensions of 437 inches and 583 inches, i.e. 11.1 meters And 14.8 meters.

Surprisingly, even though 583 inches is supposed to be something very exciting to record - you can't find it yet Its on the web, so we have to settle for images of the earlier and less massive The Wall models

These giant screens will offer a display resolution of , Which may be considered basic when talking in terms of dot size (single pixel size) and display density relative to the screens we know of from its home smart devices - but represents a huge upgrade in quality over the current gigantic display and typically consists of several thousands or tens of thousands of LEDs. Combined. This is about 33 million colorful pixels that make up the huge display, which draws on nearly 100 million LEDs Tiny that gives us the opportunity to see millions or billions of different shades per pixel.

Offers a couple of variations of the panels that make up The Wall displays - with a brightness of 1,600 Nits and a 60 Hz refresh rate, with even more impressive 2,000 Nits and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. It is prudent to estimate that the new and huge displays will also have similar technical characteristics, though Not yet addressed the issue

The new The Wall screens are intended, as mentioned, to the prestigious outdoor advertising world where there is no view that is considered too big or excessive - but it seems that, like the earlier, relatively sane The Wall models, starting at 219 inches diagonal with 4K resolution, here too No practical prevention from unusually rich people to come with In summary, the monster will bring their private home. The cost of such a pleasure will probably amount to millions or tens of millions of shekels, but hey - at least you can flaunt the biggest TV in the entire neighborhood, in the gap.

Not alone in this crazy business, it's worth noting - Last year introduced a 16K technology based TV More than 19 feet long (!), With a reported price tag of over $ 5 million


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