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First glimpse: The new promising Star Wars television series

Disney is gearing up to launch its streaming service with official trailers - including for the series in question The Mandalorian

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A few days after the Disney announcement About the markets and prices at which Disney Plus streaming service will be available this year - We come to the trailers that are designed to clarify why users should be excited and interested in this event.

Alongside a general service trailer that showcases the wealth of content expected right from the start, with the best Disney films of all time, Disney's animated films, Pixar's animated works, Marvel's superheroes, And more from National Geographic, the "traditional" TV series And of course, all about the Star Wars - we also got the first trailer for The Mandalorian series, which instantly became a big story across the web.

The Mandalorian is a series in the Star Wars plot universe that will follow the adventures of a bounty hunter who roams among remote stars, accompanied by a favorite new droid this season for IG-11. The first season of the project (slated to be the first of many star wars and exclusive to Disney Plus) will feature eight episodes, starring well-known Pedro Pascal from Netflix Narcos' hit series - and directed and written by John Fabro, who bought his world in the plays of When he directed the two Iron films from the first, the remake of the Jungle Book and the remake of the Lion King.

The highlight of the Disney Plus premiere? In the meantime, most surfers seem to like what they see

More trailers Include the remake of Hippie and Barefoot, which will give up cinema and launch directly on streaming, a new high school musical series and more - in the framework of programs by Enlisting the best brands (and Fox brands it has acquired) of the past in the latest versions for the future, including 'Forget Me Home', '12 for 1', 'Museum Crazy Night', 'Geek's Diary' and others.

So what do you think of the nascent digital venture? Feel free to talk about it in the comments.

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