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19 Grams, $ 1 Million: Impressive Israeli Crowd Financing is Nearing the End

PowerUp 4.0 is a tiny motorized skeleton that can turn any innocent paper airplane into an acrobatic fly at a glance - and 12,000 surfers are convinced and decided to buy

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Israeli Pride Online? Entrepreneur Shay Guyten is on his way to funding his fourth successful mass with the PowerUp 4.0 mechanism - a small, simple, inexpensive base that allows you to turn toy jets of various types into real airplanes controlled by Dedicated on the phone, and capable of performing a variety of aerodynamic operations at the touch of a button.

The PowerUp 4.0 consists of a carbon fiber base with a small rear propeller pair and a motor with And a wireless control unit on the front - so wearing it on a paper, a cardboard or a plastic material plane gives you the ability to fly in style and smart.

Anything that weighs 20 grams, and with a basic aerodynamic shape, can suddenly turn into a tiny plane without a pilot

It weighs only 19 grams, offers up to ten minutes of flight with a charge of 25 minutes, a flight range of approximately 70 meters (from its smartphone), an impressive speed of up to 32 km / h - and the declared ability to turn almost any product into a motorized airplane, Provided that the same product weighs 20 grams or less, there is even a version with the addition of LED lights for flight that looks distant at dusk, and you can get maneuverability and aerodynamic capabilities for your creation from the accompanying app.

Two past PowerUp models have made bigger sums of money than the PowerUp 4.0 is going to end the financing chapter with in a few days - but the scale of the current investment is respectable and even quite amazing

This is a gimmick, no doubt, but one that can definitely beckon to aviation enthusiasts of all kinds who want to experiment and start small and cheap - with a base price of 50 dollars (plus 7 dollars for shipping) for one aviation apparatus and four red-tipped paper stencils, 60 dollars for one aviation apparatus, 14 Stencils for Paper Planes of Different Colors and Desktop Plastic Stand to Boast the Finished Product and 80 Dollars for Professional Set with Tissue Apparatus, LED Bulbs, Desk Stand, Stencils for Paper Jets and Stencils for Water resistant, polymer foam aircraft and even tiny wheels that help land and look more effective from the ground.

All types of PowerUp 4.0 aircraft are intended to reach investors in the April 2020 venture, with Guitane's previous successes with previous generations of PowerUp giving a good reason for optimism that this time, too, a quality product will be received at the end of the waiting period.

Three more days left until the project's fundraising was completed, but with over $ 1.05 million already entered into the fund (2,600 percent of the required base amount) - it probably won't be too long before we see the PowerUp 5.0, or heir Another upgraded of this cool concept.

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