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$ 13 Billion Mouse: Hollywood's Numbers in 2019

Studio Have experienced a record-breaking year on the big screen - one that may remain in first place for many more years

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2019 was a rare and unique concentration of big blockbusters for a company , From all its major divisions and based on much of its most beloved and strongest brands - and the official and final numbers that are now coming up validate and reinforce all forecasts with heaps of broken records for you.

With huge hits like 'The Avengers: End of the Game' which became the all-time feature film, remake for 'The Lion King' and for 'Aladdin', the fourth installment of 'Toy Story' series, the sequel to 'Breaking the Ice' and of course the end of the third trilogy of 'War The Stars' - Has posted crazy $ 11.119 billion in movie theaters all over the world. How huge is that number? It is an addition of more than $ 3.5 billion compared to the previous international revenue record that also belonged to Disney starting in 2016.

Luxury consolidation helps create a cinematic revenue monster - but Have experienced a crazy and unprecedented year even without the addition of Fox Studios titles

With the addition of Fox Studios' cinematic revenue, it acquired them Officially over the past year, this economic figure becomes even more formidable - $ 13.151 billion in global revenue during 2019 (nearly a third of the $ 41 billion revenue this year), of which only $ 4.328 billion in North America and $ 8.823 billion Dollar in all other markets.

As of 2020, all Fox Studios movie distributions will be officially considered part of the proceeds of So the leadership of the mouse in the field will continue to be strong and uncompromising - but even with the addition of the Avatar brand to the mega-prestigious list controlled by the company it is difficult to see at this moment a similar combination of large launches as we received in 2019.

Investment in remake versions for past animated films, more New in the Star Wars universe and more Marvel's countless comic book heroes will continue to be strong and meaningful - but not at all sure that they will allow another $ 10 billion in revenue to cross again.

Disney's future looks rosy, but not sure it will be as pink as we saw during 2019 with six Owners of over $ XNUMX billion in revenue (and another who's on the safe path right now)

Does the rise of streaming services have a part in this forecast? Without a doubt. Is the world of film films dying as claimed in several corners across the net? World record revenues of more than $ 41 billion make it clear that it is still very early to think about the supplier for this veteran medium.

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