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New (negative) record: Google's huge fine

The war on self-promotion methods of the Internet giant in the European Union is on the rise

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It is not easy to be the greatest of all, and this is something Google is about to learn about itself, it seems, when an investigation that began in 2015 about unacceptable business practices in the European Commission spawns A huge fine of 4.34 billion euros, Which may continue to grow if the Company does not make any necessary changes to its methods.

The charges are that Take advantage of its unwavering control of the online search market, the browser market and the smart phone operating system to block competition - device makers have been approved to install and use the company's dedicated application store (the Play Store, or Google Play) only if installed by default The cladding app of And the Chrome browser, and only those, and at the same time prevented manufacturers requesting permission to use Google Play to offer devices that do not meet these conditions (ie devices where the Search app of And its personal browser is not pre-installed or exclusive).

After years of exploration - Europe decides to attack without mercy one of the biggest technology companies

These are allegations that are very reminiscent of those directed and still directed at Microsoft, which aggressively markets the Edge browser and the Bing search engine in its Windows system, although the main difference seems to be the improper moves of Designed to block in advance any desire or experience of manufacturers to provide consumers with choices directly out of the box, in a way that gave no chance whatsoever to the other contestants.

Google claimed that these decisions were designed to prevent the negative effects of fragmentation in the Android system, which would hurt the overall experience and create various technical problems, although the researchers were not overly impressed and stated that they found no evidence of attempts by Google to improve the technical compatibility of versions "Informal", which does not include structured company services.

This fine, even if it is not eliminated or reduced, will not cause Google to crash - may not be an important and problematic precedent for similar claims and investigations elsewhere in the world

Google and its parent company Alphabet have already announced that they will appeal the decision, which is expected to significantly delay the process, but the European Commission has announced that 90 day will fix the defects in its business, otherwise it will be subject to additional recurring fines of up to 5 percent of Alphabet's daily revenue Accumulate billions of euros. What will be the end of this saga? Hard to know - but it will certainly be intriguing to keep track.


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  1. European vanities and crooks. Android, like Windus, are a product of a commercial company. Android is not a gold cage like Apple does. Chrome's story, etc. by default, is not entirely true, at least in my Samsung. Only for the Google Store app is this true, but, why would it be any different?

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