A promising future: The fifth cellular generation trial provided exceptionally impressive data transfer speeds

A promising future: The fifth cellular generation trial provided exceptionally impressive data transfer speeds

An exam in Japan has shown that wireless download speeds can be achieved at much more than one gigabyte per second - even in a train traveling at 100 mph

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The announcement of On a modem Real first for generation A cellular that does not yet exist, ostensibly, indicates that we should begin to pay more attention to the development of the world of the " - because his coming may be closer than we think.

A new test of capabilities in the framework of technologies designed for the fifth generation cellular operators conducted by Japanese mobile operator KDDI Provided a very impressive 1.7 gigabit download speed - not just for a stationary subscription, but for a system that simulates an end device in a train that travels at over 100 km / h between two stationary stations slightly more than one and a half miles apart , Including a demonstration of a smooth transition from one station to another without compromising performance.

The fifth generation train shows no signs of slowing down

During the test, a large 8K resolution video was successfully downloaded - and a video file was uploaded Which was taken on the train itself during the examination.

Development equipment of For the future generation that serves as the basis for tests such as the one recently performed with KDDI

It should be noted that the highest data transfer speeds we have received to date in the fourth cellular generation, , Stand at about 1.2 gigabits per second under optimal conditions for a stationary end product - while aspirations for the Talk about speeds that can touch the level of 5 gigabit per second under optimal conditions from the beginning, when we will probably get more and more gradual increases like every generation.

The current test is only one of a series performed And KDDI jointly, and a small part of a variety of tests and tests carried out worldwide by companies Which hopes to become the spearhead of future technology

The tests of And KDDI was not carried out with equipment that is suitable for smartphones and future designers, but through units Big ones that only simulate the compact and efficient applications around the corner - but still nice to get little tastes of the huge potential they have in their way, and can make using the mobile web even more popular, popular, easy and essential by the end of 2019, or early 2020.


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  1. Such speeding has already justified the unification of protocols with AC. An indoor broadcast would be a simpler version, limiting the range.

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