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A small glimpse into the future: Watch Microsoft's HoloLens glasses running Halo 5

Microsoft provided a tiny glimpse into the operation of the Popular with their rich reality glasses, and became the talk of the day

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They say that every new piece of technology needs its own 'winning application' to translate the potential for real success and popularity, and while we're not quite sure what that Killer App is for Imaginary reality glasses Well-known by Oculus (and Facebook who bought it, remember) - Microsoft may have already revealed to us what their high hopes might be for the glasses The shaky reality Which they develop, HoloLens, To conquer the masses.

A short video by Varum Mani, one of the HoloLens project, shows him playing on Halo 5 for enjoyment on the TV, stopping, turning to his home wall - and continuing the game in exactly the same way the display 'hovers' in front of him thanks to the glasses he wears. Microsoft seems to confirm that one of the uses of laminated reality glasses will be direct streaming of games , So they can actually be played anywhere you choose (within the limits of direct-injection technologies and system power supply).

The technology in the video is unlike any other application it has shown In the past, in which virtual elements integrate in a three-dimensional world that we see around us, but also this two-dimensional application of Is very intriguing, and has become a very hot topic of conversation across the network now.

Has already presented an application to HoloLens in the context of the Halo 5 exhibition This year, but it was not the game itself, as in the current demo

The HoloLens will reach the stores sometime during the year 2016, with an astronomical price tag of about $ 3,000 Viewing angles are relatively limited, So it may be a few more years before we can call it common technology - but the new information we received certainly helps us see a horizon where You can become a real part of your home game experience.

Minecraft with (Built specifically for it) still looks more impressive and revolutionary, but also can take your 2D screen with you everywhere it turns on, and actually bridges some of the differences between virtual reality and the reality of the Rhoda

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