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Soon at home: a smart assistant in the mirror

The next generation of your smart toilet rooms will include a digital assistant to recommend facial skin treatments

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Why bother reaching out to the beautician when you can get the right treatment guidelines for you at home - thanks to the power of artificial intelligence of course? This is the starting point of a Korean company called Lululab that brought its smart look (and a few other products in the smart grooming genre) to CES 2020.

The company has developed their own smart assistant who answers Lumini, and knows how to analyze the appearance of the skin for each user using visual means - with a score for various parameters such as temperature and humidity and marking of the most problematic areas. The next step is to recommend the necessary care plans and preparations and accessories to complete it - so you can go shopping and start the personal beautification process.

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Lululab started her way to the cultivation peak through Using a compact manual device that has scoured the consumer or consumer - and now plans to storm the market even more seriously with an elegant solution in the form of a smart home look that includes the Lumini maid in a structured way. Cameras at the top of the mirror (fear not, there is also coverage for those who fear their privacy) will analyze the facial skin, and the recommendations and instructions for grooming will be digitally displayed across the mirror itself.

Yes, this helmet that will make you look like one of the members of the Daft Punk band is part of the treatment routine
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If this sounds expensive and expensive to you, you are probably in the right direction - the LumiHome home mirror is the first updated version of a series of products under the name Lumini Tech that have been marketed to businesses in the field, so even without an official price tag at this point you can guess it won't be something popular Per pocket. Meanwhile.

It will probably be a great pleasure in the beginning - but maybe in a few years we will not understand how we ever got along without a mirror that looks after our health in many ways and methods
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