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A tough day for file protection Denuvo: Prominent games were cracked at the same time (updated)

2 Update: CPY's new victim is Shadow of the And at this point there seems to be a momentum here that could soon "eliminate" all the games that have chosen the defense of And not yet hacked - at least until another new version of the Which can restore its relative advantage.

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updating: Now it seems that the adventure game of the company Which won the protection of In its first months in stores, A Way Out, was breached by the same CPY group that also hacked the fresh Assassin's Creed - which signals that a combination of the This latest, Existing on the platform The distributor is no longer immune to the pirate's hand.

Original article: Precisely at a time when its people decided to boast of the economic losses caused to the title which gave up the use of technology - the pirates manage to overcome some of the latest and most advanced mechanisms of the company Known

The battle that has been going on for several years between Denuvo, which develops digital file protection that has become the most prominent in the market and a default for most of the world's largest keys and distributors,, And the pirates who want to prove their knowledge and abilities against all difficulties and challenges - gets an interesting turn when a pair of 2018's big games break within hours of each other.

First it was Hitman 2, the new and intriguing title of assassinations and stealth, which was actually hacked two days before its official public release (perhaps by leaking the game files by one of the critics, probably never knowing) by a completely new pirate group named FCK , The name of a new and controversial publicity project launched by the gaming store that opposes file protections .

Declaration of Hitman 2 hacking - by a group of "hobbyists" who were not known in the piracy sector until a few weeks ago

It is doubtful that the site's people in fact have any connection to the hackers, but in any case it is a strong signal for the company And its customers that even the most improved version of the mechanism, 5.3, really does not guarantee that the game will not be freely distributed on the network and within a very short time of launch - which is somewhat in line with the approach of the store Which would have been happy to see all these defense systems disappear from the world in favor of a mechanism of trust that consumers who are treated fairly will choose to pay for the products nonetheless.

Announcing the Assassin's Creed Odyssey Breakthrough - Is it a precedent for a new wave of recent era games that will be similarly hacked?

At the same time, the CPY hacking group has managed to overcome Ubisoft's extended and custom file protection for its biggest game of the year - Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, just over a month since it was officially launched. This pirate success may be less "financially painful" because the title had quite a bit of time to get legitimate purchases from a large fan base before it was suddenly illegally distributed to everyone, but it may be a jarring blow to Denuvo itself, after its parent company Irdeto Choose to declare publicly That found at least 335,000 downloads and illegal shares for the game Bolt did not use their file protection (apparently NBA 2K18) in the first two weeks of its launch, which translated into potential losses of tens of millions of dollars for the creators from their point of view.

And her new landlady chose to highlight the losses of those who avoided their services - and will probably now need to provide explanations to existing customers who are similarly affected anyway

Now that the DRM is over, file defenders can redirect their weapons Against it and to declare huge losses to the creators of Hitman and Assassin's Creed, despite the fact that they did give in to the campaign and integrated these controversial technologies into their games.

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  1. But the shadow of the tomb raider that was released before 59 days is still no one broke ..

  2. Anything can be hacked, it's not a question. The only way to be sure is that the game will have to be online.
    That's what the new fallout did

  3. Shocking !, Computer is the Wild West of Gaming !, and in my opinion games like HITMAN or
    ASSASSIAN CREED needs to be issued first for consoles and then only after six months, maybe… maybe for a computer, you will realize that everyone was angry at HITMAN why they must be connected to the internet to play the game, now I understand why !!, they are 200% right, For that, look at the repulsive piracy that reads on the computer !, any company that spends a game that is largely a campaign, should by no means spend it on the computer !!!

    1. It is you who are against this computer
      I play on a computer and thinking like yours is a repulsive and shocking opinion as to why computer players should wait or suffer that there will be no games on the computer who you are at all

      And let me tell you, the consoles are also being hacked so maybe they stop producing the console ah better? Obviously

      Just talking with no mind and no first thought

    2. How much hypocrisy you can swallow ...
      Ignore the fact that consoles have hacked games, and even hacking chips.
      Piracy will always be, it's like fantasizing about a world without crime!
      Your holy console is not immune to hacking, it's that you don't want to hack your console,
      Because you are scared! To snag a ban from Sony or Microsoft, doesn't mean that if you had the option, I'm sure 100%
      You were a burglar, so keep the hypocrisy to yourself.
      Another thing, which hurts developers more than piracy, is the fact that console players switch games 2 by hand.
      Soon, the consoles will also go digital only, such as on a computer.
      I'll tell you something, why this company is breaking the DENUVO. They break out because Denuvo destroys games!
      For example, I purchased the game assassin's creed origins and the game suffered from low FPS. I have an 1080 card so there should be no problem playing 1080P game.
      After all the updates that came out there was still no improvement. Until I realized that the problem was caused by Denuvo.
      I downloaded the hacked game, even though I have legal! And the wonder, the wonder ... The game ran smoothly! As smooth as butter.
      So what do you expect from people exactly? Have they launched a $ 60 game and hurt their gaming experience? Because of game protection. Go learn from CDPR. They actually saw piracy as an advantage for game sales.
      One last thing, don't underestimate the computer! That is the most important platform for developers.

  4. They will break in and keep breaking in….
    Well prices are just insane ..
    What's the point of online breakthroughs?
    Have a nice break with everyone

    1. You are a child because of this you think prices are insane, that you will grow up and realize that for a miniscule amount you get days / weeks / months of pleasure, a level of reward that is given almost no other source of pleasure.

      1. Maybe you are the boy, I believe in freedom of information and freedom of choice, this organization is very right! These corporations control you and you don't pay attention at all, you can do all the shit you let shut up.
        Yossi is a bad person who truly believes in people being good and building games so you can have fun, so you know not! They are building games for you to have control over you, you are probably another small and unwise player.

        I personally believe in the freedom of information and hacking that everything will be free and given the right to purchase the game to anyone who wants and not as a mandatory option, but what to do is a lot of people who are as retarded as you can make money and gain a lot of control, so I also humanize and send you thousands of NIS coupons a month, Just because of the opinions of people like you, then you will continue to be like this and successfully in a lifetime;)

        PS: Sorry for the bluntness I have made now because I read, these words are not meant for you personally and hurt it is not my intention, these simply explain to everyone how much these companies are doing you wrong and you continue to believe them while they don't even believe you.

  5. Agree, there are games that do not qualify for $ 60 at all.

    Especially since the game distributors have been demanding that the developers split the content of the game,

    To sell us DLC, which was actually part of the original game. Almost every AAA game today, comes out with pre-DLC.

  6. The prices of the games are simply delusional, and now the single games suddenly have a store and there is a day 1 dlc to the west of Marin and Beshin.

    And worst of all there is no more demo.

    Sorry The worst ones are the defenses that just bring modern computers down on your knees.

  7. Quote of guest Yossi

    You are a child because of this you think prices are insane, that you will grow up and realize that for a miniscule amount you get days / weeks / months of pleasure, a level of reward that is given almost no other source of pleasure.

    The $ 60 is almost a full fuel tank, in a small vehicle.

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