A tough day for file protection Denuvo: Prominent games were cracked at the same time (updated)

2 Update: CPY's new victim is Shadow of the , And at this point it seems that there is momentum here that could "eliminate" in a short time all the games that chose the defense of And have not yet been breached - at least until another new version of the IP- Which can restore its relative advantage.

updating: Now it seems that the adventure game of the company Which won the protection of In its first months in stores, A Way Out, was broken by the same CPY group that also broke the new Assassin's Creed - This latest, On the distributor's Origin platform is no longer immune to piracy.

The original article: At a time when its people decided to boast of the economic losses caused by the title, which gave up the use of technology - the pirates are able to overcome some of the latest and most advanced mechanisms of the company - Known

The battle that has been going on for several years between Denuvo, which develops digital file protection that has become the most prominent in the market and a default for most of the world's largest keys and distributors,, And the pirates who want to prove their knowledge and abilities against all the difficulties and challenges - gets an interesting turn when a pair of 2018's big games break out within a few hours of each other.

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First it was Hitman 2, the new and intriguing title of assassinations and stealth, which was actually hacked two days before its official public release (perhaps by leaking the game files by one of the critics, probably never knowing) by a completely new pirate group named FCK , The name of a new and controversial publicity project launched by the gaming store that opposes file protections .

The announcement of the breakthrough of Hitman 2 - by a group of "amateurs" who were allegedly unknown in the field of piracy until a few weeks ago

It is doubtful that the site's people in fact have any connection to the hackers, but in any case it is a strong signal for the company And its customers that even the most advanced version of the mechanism, 5.3, really does not guarantee that the game will not be distributed freely on the network and within a very short time of launch - and this corresponds to some extent the approach of the store - Which would have been happy to see all these defense systems disappear from the world in favor of a mechanism of trust that consumers who are treated fairly will choose to pay for the products nonetheless.

Announcing the breakthrough of Assassin's Creed Odyssey - is this a precedent before a new wave of recent games that will break out in a similar way?

At the same time, the CPY breakout group has overcome the extended and customized file protection created by Ubisoft for its biggest game of the year - Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, just over a month since it was officially launched. This pirated success may be less "painful" economically because the title has had quite a bit of time to get legal purchases from a large fan audience before it was suddenly illegally distributed to everyone, but it may be a harsh blow to Denuvo itself, after representatives of its parent company Irdeto Choose to declare publicly That found at least 335,000 downloads and illegal shares for the game Bolt did not use their file protection (apparently NBA 2K18) in the first two weeks of its launch, which translated into potential losses of tens of millions of dollars for the creators from their point of view.

And its new landlord chose to highlight the losses of those who avoided their services - and now they will probably need to provide explanations to existing customers who have been similarly affected

Now that the DRM is over, file defenders can redirect their weapons Against it and to declare huge losses to the creators of Hitman and Assassin's Creed, despite the fact that they did give in to the campaign and integrated these controversial technologies into their games.

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