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Against All Odds: A new Matrix movie with the original stars

Two decades after the first trilogy hit the screens - we get exciting news from Warner Bros.

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The Matrix that hit the screens in 1999 is considered by many to be one of the best and most innovative science fiction movies ever created - just as its two episodes were burned into the consciousness of many as disappointments based on too much cliché and overly pretentious approach. What will a fourth movie look like after a break of 17 years? We are about to discover this in the future with a bombastic announcement by Warner Studios on a comeback.

A new fourth matrix movie is in the stages Early, and we will offer Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss (Neo and Trinity) in the lead roles, just as in the original trilogy - when Lana Woszewski (whom we knew as Larry Woszewski in the original movie era, before deciding to change sex) will also return to the director's chair to complete The sense of nostalgia and general excitement about this venture.

Two (right) are back for another digital adventure - will the third be there too? For now, there is no confirmation

Fans of the series have already begun to offer a wide variety of different theories that will allow the plot to take place in a new movie with the original characters despite what happened at the end of the original trilogy - and at the same time we meet reports that actor Michael B. Jordan will take the role of Lawrence Fishburn, in line A young version of Morpheus.

Believe it or not, there are some who believe that the John Wick film series starring Reeves is somehow connected to the world of the Matrix. Even if this particular theory is incorrect - it may well be that the new chapter's plot may be somewhat unexpected

It is not known when the new movie may reach the big screen or what its name will be - but we would love to hear if you are excited about this resurrection, or if the studios would have left this piece quietly and turned to other new directions.

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