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Alibaba's new venture: Shipments from China to Israel at lightning speed

Giant platform owner AliExpress plans to begin handling the logistics of shipping from China to Israel - thus shortening the time to receive the package you have ordered significantly

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Most online shopping enthusiasts are likely to experience this: order a product from any Chinese online store with no tempting shipping at all, or with the hilarious cost of pennies or shekels - and start waiting which can take many months and even end up disappearing from the map Including without a tracking provider or any other actual ability to locate. Will all of this soon be a thing of the past on orders from the mega-popular site on AliExpress (AliExpress), which can also be described as the 'Amazon of China'?

According to a report from the website Ma's huge Alibaba Group (China's richest person) plans to start operating its own dedicated cargo flight line to Israel, rather than relying on various third-party services as is customary in the field - thus ensuring that local purchasers on its AliExpress platform (AliExpress) receive it Their products within two to three weeks, or 10 to 14 business days from the time of order.

The Alibaba Group logistics company will be responsible for operating the new cargo flights to Israel - plus the responsibility it already has for And packing countless products offered on the AliExpress platform

According to the article, it seems that, like Amazon, Alibaba will also be based on mail Within the exclusive parcel for distribution of parcels throughout the country - within up to two working days of arrival in the country. These are similar terms to Jeff Bezos's huge retailer offering to the local audience when ordering from the lowest available online overseas, which would not appear to be a significant advantage in ordering from Amazon over an order from its central Chinese counterpart. The move could also be a big advantage Of Alibaba and Alyak Express across other popular digital stores operating in China, such as Jingdong's JoyBuy (or

A number of fast-paced vendors can already be selected at a cost when shopping at AliExpress and other Chinese digital stores - but the hope is that Alibaba's entry into the field will allow better conditions at more competitive prices - and everything will drain into the grandiose sales holiday that will generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue

AliExpress's direct delivery service to Israel is scheduled to start officially before the start of the biggest Far East holiday, Bachelor's Day to apply on Nov. 11, under the option known as AliExpress Standard Shipping. It is worth noting that this delivery option will not be free, so many local consumers may still prefer slower alternatives, without proper tracking options, to enjoy the lowest price possible - but it is good to know that for those of us who want to get their online shopping faster There will be the possibility.

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