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Amazon's operations in Israel receive an official launch date

Imagine: Starting 12 in September, you can purchase through the online trading giant selling products and local inventory in the Holy Land

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Our wait for the entry of The digital commerce scene in Israel began last year, but now it seems we are finally getting its opening whistle: According to a report on the Ynet website, this will happen in about a week from now, with the hope of a local shopping celebration for Tishrei holidays at the end of the month.

Hebrew pages that offer anyone interested in becoming a trader through Amazon in the local market are already publicly available on the domain .com, when there is even a record of some of those who have managed to turn the matter into a major economic success story (mainly sales to an audience outside of Israel, so far) - and an internal email sent to those belonging to the local retail store's retailer sets 12 in September as the date Where Israelis browse the US website Offers will be offered for products stored in Israel and shipped to them locally in Israel, at significantly shorter deadlines (and probably significantly lower prices) than those offered for shipment from the United States to Israel.

The initial recruitment process for sellers and traders for the local venture is over, it seems - and now it's time to start working

We do not yet know exactly how local bids will be marked in the online store's international interface, which will continue to offer and introduce to users the myriad of products available from overseas of course - but it is best to mention once again that the initial phase of the local expansion of Will not include the Company's famous comprehensive logistics services, but will be based on the independent logistics infrastructure of each merchant, with a commitment to uphold the high standard of shipping and high-quality service from the home .

Amazon does not want to cause existing traders to stop operating outside the state based on the company's logistics services - but to increase the activity when entering the race locally, in addition

The beginning of the revolution or not yet? Surely looking forward to the shopping enthusiasts among us is definitely an interesting time.


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  1. My guess:
    We'll soon find out that getting an Amazon product shipped from Israel does take less time, but costs a lot more, than ordering it directly from Amazon USA.

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