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Guide: Amazon celebrates 20 today with unprecedented promotions

Black Friday of Amazon: Amazon is celebrating a birthday with the Prime Day that promises Unprecedented for 24 hours only, and we will explain to you how you too can participate in this celebration

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When giant technology and online retail like Amazon announces loudly that it plans to celebrate its 20 birthday with its help That would even dwarf the madness that characterizes the Black Friday - it's not surprising to see the entire network go on alert and alert.

Prime Day Deals של Occurs today, in 24 hours only, and although they are set to queue Only for the United States, Canada and a limited number of European countries where the Prime service was officially launched - you too can attend and perhaps find the rare and ultimate dream deal for you, and we will explain to you how it works.

If you're really sick with shopping, no regional restrictions can stop you
If you are really shopping - no regional restrictions will stop you

How do you participate?

In order to participate in Prime Day promotions, you must first have a user of the prime service , When the main goal of this day of operations is to recruit more users and testers for this $ 99 customer loyalty club, providing lightning-fast shipments (in cities and supported countries only), accessing cloud services and streaming content , Exclusive discounts and more.

The Prime is a paid service, but Amazon offers everyone 30 free trial days regardless of religion, race and bank account status - all you have to do, whether you have a regular Amazon user or not, is Press the 'Try Prime' And follow the registration process that is not too complicated. If you have a student email address with a .edu extension, you can get even half a year of free Prime!


pay attention Because in order to sign up for the Prime service, you will need to enter credit card details that are open for use abroad - in Amazon, you will not be charged for the service in the first 30 days after registration, but it is important to remember that if you do not wish to continue becoming Prime members For the free trial period, you will need to opt out of canceling your existing membership on the site, otherwise you will be charged an amount of $ 99, once a year.

How do you send to Israel?

After you become Prime users, you will need to use the services of a third party shipping company to receive the products here in Israel (since Prime shipments are not available to Israel in the standard way) - we recommend the company Buy2USA.

If you still do not have a Buy2USA user, Subscribe to the service here - And at the end of the process, you will receive standard address information in the United States, which you will need to enter as the shipping address at Amazon's purchase status. The products you purchase will ship to Buy2USA warehouses in the United States, and from there will be shipped to your home in Israel via air or sea shipping of your choice.


Moreover, Buy2USA will allow you to Check in real time The estimated price of the shipment for each product and product on the site (Depending on its type, physical size and weight), and the payment of the added tax required, if required, by state law - and actually give you an estimate of the final and full price of the product you are interested in, so you can easily compare prices against other offers in Israel or abroad.

The price list Of Buy2USA - if you do not want to use the service Automatic price estimation of the company

For dessert, Buy2USA members also want to help you participate in Amazon's celebrations - With 25 discount on shipping to Israel Of all products purchased within the Prime Day. Note the coupon code you need to enter in order to qualify for this discount.

Important Links

And now - for promotions!

We will update this article over the next 24 hours with the most interesting proposals, but considering that Amazon promises tens of thousands Which will run and start every ten minutes - apparently we won't be able to keep track of everything the giant company has to offer. So, if you have the will and the opportunity - it is highly recommended to make yourself a cup of coffee, sit comfortably on the chair or couch, prepare your digital wallet and finger on the mouse and closely monitor the various offers that will be sent to you every few minutes.

The big deals are expected to start at 10 a.m. US time, at five o'clock, and we will keep updating this article - worth following.

Below is a list (Updated):

Amazon USA

Amazon France

Amazon Italy

Amazon Spain

Amazon UK

We will keep track of the best real-time deals on this page.

Have you found a great deal? Share us and the rest of the readers with comments, or In the accompanying discussion In our forums. Pleasant shopping!


54 תגובות

  1. A typo that was copied from me in the word Crucial. Also duplicates in the list:
    Discount on iRobot
    Bose headphones
    The assumptions about the Kindle

  2. They renew the inventory to Sony's DOK on the waiting list every few seconds. The page needs to be interpreted.
    I managed to grab 32GB on 10 $ (I think it pays for the 16GB)

  3. Sony memory cards also at a significant discount, volumes 32 - 128, renewable waiting list

  4. Every few seconds Sony's DOK inventory runs out and every few seconds they renew it….
    Does anyone know if they are worth anything?
    Worth 32 Giga in 10 Dollars
    The 64 is a bit less profitable because it's a little smaller, but it still seems cheap

  5. I bought a GB 32. He is not one of the best and the assumption is not crazy, but nice.
    I see there is going to be an operation on Transcend 32GB as well, before the offer costs $ 12. So if I turn off the Sony, the less important the speed.

  6. url]
    Where do you see all the deals?
    Here? The most serious deals appear to be Kindle products. Just for example, bx100 currently sold on Amazon at 80 $, also sold on new egg at 85 $. From what we have seen so far, the operation is not that exciting ...
  7. url]
    I did not see that they published:
  8. I bought SanDisk's SSD from yesterday's operation, hope it will not be disappointing.
    Export 210 to 120GB, nice ..

  9. So what's the thing that MX100 on sale costs 160 dollars for half a terabyte and Abu costs 164 dollars per half terabyte?

  10. Because its price is more expensive before the operation. The promotion in relation to one's own price, not in relation to other products ... Not necessarily that everything pays off.

  11. I did not understand about the DOK, 10 $ to 32GB It's not a bad price, but how do you bring it to Israel? More 20 $ with BUY2?

  12. What operation?
    Was the SanDisk SSD -
    $ 40, and I also had to order a cellphone protector so I sent through them, 210 came out for the SSD, on Blackpride I bought at such a price from KSP in the country, not a crazy operation ..
  13. Have not you forgotten all the various false fees of these companies that send products to Israel, which weigh on the price of the operation and sometimes even double and triple its cost?

    Before you get tempted, check first on ebay dx alibaba and other sites that have direct and even free shipping to the country.
    Many times it comes out cheaper than buying from Amazon given that there are also endless false fees to these companies…

  14. Was .. on the 120. Ends.
    Anyway tomorrow there is no less good operation in my opinion on SSD Bali Express. There is one or two acne conditions.
    The 40 dollars to SanDisk does not include delivery, Bali price includes shipping and so comes out equal.
    The discs of the kingfast

  15. Was .. on the 120. Ends. Anyway tomorrow there is no less good operation in my opinion on SSD Bali Express. There is one or two acne conditions. The 40 dollar for this SanDisk does not include shipping, Bali price includes shipping and therefore comes out equally. Kingfast disks

    Buy ssd bali express?
    Am I out of date or something?

    Will not it be another cheap Chinese product that will work for 10 minutes?

    Do you know anyone who bought SSD from them and satisfied ..? Product Reviews Have?

  16. In the meantime, the operations are mainly seen as the elimination of an inventory of old and marginal products.

  17. Relax.
    Nothing hurts me.
    Overall, I explained why I thought there was no such deal, because I didn't see this deal on the Prime Day page, because it was a store deal, not Amazon itself.
    All right, drink a glass of water ...

  18. You are totally under pressure from something unclear.
    I thought there was no operation, I also explained why.
    Anyone asked Mel not to share?
    Read my message again, slowly and with concentration, and realize that you did not understand it for the first time.

    I have nothing, but really nothing, against you. If I had you would know.

  19. Did you understand and yet offended?… Grow older.

    I'm fed up with the argument, but we'll run away.

    Is your post accompanied by my negative opinion?
    check again.

    Can I see a Prime Day promotion not listed on the page?

  20. url][/url]
    I don't know where you got that impression. You have not seen the operation on the SSD, and the list you have brought is really inaccurate. Feel free to open the links there.
    Besides, I just can not remember what you're talking about.
    In any case, even if I objected to your 100 messages, this is totally my business. Not looking for you, calm down.

    Regarding 30% general discount on men's fashion products you are really right. But on electronics, which we talked about, what does not appear in the Lightning Diles is a nice operation, but it does not belong to Prime Day.

    AKG K551SLV in 100 instead of 200 $:
  21. url] [/ url]
    His name was Bara
    Take this software for example:
    His name appears on the list you uploaded:
    There is no deal. Again - don't understand where you deduced that I was looking for you.
  22. Cute, for the past two years I have ordered equipment on Amazon for about $ 11,000. I "kinda" know how to work with them.

    I did not know and know the difference in time.

    Some of the products on the list you brought did not have any Lightning Deal, or any other deal. Even when the time passed.

  23. Right in what?
    The only thing I said about the list is that it's not accurate, and so far I'm right. What will happen next? Do not know.

  24. url] [/ url]
    This is still on the list. There is no deal.
  25. Children, stop fighting.

    It's an issue about promotions. Not about a personal altercation between you. You are destroying the goal here ..

    Move it to the High Court ..

    Obviously, if you see something equal - share it all ..

  26. url] [/ url]

    [url] [/ url]

    [url] [/ url]

    [COLOR = "silver"] - - - Unified Comment: - - - [/ COLOR]

    Number of links:
    - - - Unified response: - - -

    The last two sites help compare prices ..

  27. url]
    Added gopro 4 BE
  28. url]
  29. URL="
    in England,
    There's a way to drive a Terra SSD, Samsung's.

    . And the next computer. 
    . The final prices are unknown, but I have a feeling they're going to fly, so for those who are interested.
  30. That's why I brought product links before the offers begin.

    One is the Asus Hi-End computer, the other is the Samsung SSD the size of Terra ..

    They're just going to fly.

  31. COLOR = "silver"] - - - COMMENTED COMMENT: - - - [/ COLOR]

    I have a question.
    The prices on Amazon, generally, are higher than the prices on Ivy.

    I am looking for a Sony Xbox X smartphone
    That's why I brought product links before the offers begin.

    One is the Asus Hi-End computer, the other is the Samsung SSD the size of Terra ..

    They're just going to fly.

    - - - Unified response: - - -
    I have a question. The prices on Amazon, generally, are higher than the prices on Ivy .. I am looking for a Sony Xperia 3 Compact smartphone. On Amazon Germany 
    he is 
    Ascending EUR 362 and the BVI 
    he is 
    Costs 441 EUR. How does that make sense? This is an 80 ~ Euro gap .. Could it be in the spirit of general assumptions ?. Worth booking now or wait ?.
  32. A new proposal that registers others will list how much shipping and taxes needs to be paid

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