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Trend change: Amazon returns to ship Logitech products to Israel

Original article: After a considerable period of time, the delivery of the popular company's peripherals was made possible mainly through third-party sellers on the platform - some models can be returned to full logistics responsibility of the retail giant

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Amazon, in its American version and in various versions available in the major European countries, offers direct shipping to Israel on its behalf for countless different products from small to large - but there are also quite a few popular brands and categories that are not available to the Israeli consumer, for one reason or another, which is often confidential and unclear for the consumer himself.

From time to time, a giant policy change seems to be taking place at the giant company - and we are currently experiencing one when Logitech's popular peripherals and some of its sub brands (G Pro, Saitek and Ultimate Ears for example) become available for direct shipment from the Amazon Amazon USA - This is in contrast to the previous situation where the possibility of ordering most of these products was through third-party dealers on the platform, and based on their self-delivery systems without the familiar support shell of herself.

is also The luxurious and fresh MX Master 3 wireless mouse Already available for purchase in Amazon, in black or gray - and with official delivery to the home to Israel

Not all of the prices currently available at Amazon are paying off, especially when it comes to a large and heavy product that causes the shipping fee to rise, and this is apparently proving that the country's market is not competitive in this segment - but you can still find some very interesting deals in online shopping over the internet: Gaming Mouse G203 Prodigy sample For about NIS 125 including shipping instead of NIS 300 price for the same model in Israel, wireless business mouse Sample MX Master 2S At a cost of about NIS 280 instead of NIS 350 or higher in Israel and more.

When the stage comes, we will meet Amazon's frequent discount deals for its products And of its subsidiaries - we can probably find many more reasons to be excited about this unexpected move by Jeff Bezos and his people.

Harmony and Circle 2 brand products from home Unfortunately, they are not officially available to Israeli consumers at this time

Logitech products are not the only ones to be thawed for the Israeli market these days - big international clothing brands such as Livy's and Lacoste have begun to ship to Israel through Amazon, as well as Lego brand products and a fair range of laptops, including big names like , , Sager and Clevo.

Lots of up-to-date and unique Lego cases are first available upon shipment - although shipping prices may be quite high

It is difficult to know how long this celebration will last, but we certainly welcome it and hope it is here to stay, and not as a kind of quiet benefit for a limited time as it was in the past for an offer of shipments to Israel with no extra purchase purchase over a certain amount, for example. Who knows - maybe the next step would be to open the possibility of purchasing and shipping Amazon's own electronic products in the Holy Land, and renewing the possibility to order Different through the platform.

updating: As we estimated, the mood of And the attitude towards Israeli consumers is turning out to be quite volatile - all those home-made products And other brands that have become available with official delivery to the country have returned to their previous status quo with no warning or advance notice, and we hope they have taken advantage of the opportunity in the short time window where it was available.

What will happen now? Promise to keep up and keep you updated.


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  1. Specific Logitech deserves news on a simple topic for the fact that sometimes mouse prices and equipment are at a huge difference, especially during promotional periods. The G403 I bought cost only about 60% of the price in the country. Almost half.

  2. Excellent. For comparison, a good mouse for work such as M720 is sold in the country for NIS 350!

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