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Another disappointment? Terminator: Dark Fate landed in the cinema

Original article: 'Terminator: Dark Future' will try to prove that the cinematic brand that recently celebrated 35 birthday still has reason to exist

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This weekend, he'll head to theaters in Israel, and in dozens of other countries around the world, Chapter 6 of the Terminator series The famous - unlike the three predecessors who are considered significant disappointments for the fan audience, for one simple reason: his creation was led by James Cameron, the original director who brought us Arnold Schwarzenegger as a ruthless robotic assassin of the future.

The rights to the brand have returned to Cameroon, The director of the original 'Terminator' from 1984 and the Mufti 'Terminator 2' (including the director of the titanic and avatar hits), after many years - and he decided to recruit Tim Miller to the director's chair and ignore all The three films created without his assistance to produce a new chapter in the saga will revive the affection and sympathy for the original.

The old generation is back in a new round - and although it sounds like a gimmick at first, according to the early reactions it seems to be working poorly

Has the mission been completed successfully? Deadly Mission: Dark Destiny receives fairly positive reviews at this time, with 70 positive visitor reviews and 87 positive viewership votes Based on the Rotten Tomatoes website - Similar to another recent R-rated movie, Joker, which helped him break all his expectations and predictions. Does the movie set as the best in the series since 'Terminator 2' (probably the biggest compliment he could expect and receive, given the colt status that 1991 has earned over the years) has a chance of becoming a commercial hit as well? Not sure, but we already know that you can always expect surprises.

A resounding failure of this production may be the end of the road for the Terminator, this time really - while success can bounce it back to the mainstream big time

Dark Fate's first weekend in North America is expected to deliver between 40 and 45 million dollars, and around $ 130 million worldwide (including the Chinese market that will be hugely popular for the title) - not exactly a record-breaking opening, but it's worth remembering During the winter months and not during the big spring and summer blockbusters. A few positive surprises here - and it would be reasonable to see continuity with other T-800 storylines and the like.

Planning to go watch Dark Future on the big screen, or not? Let's talk about it in the comments.

updating: We won't have a replay of the Joker's success here, it seems - the Sixth Terminator disappointed with revenues of less than 30 million in North America, less than 30 million in China and less than 105 million in a whole international aspect, compared to expectations for amounts Of 130 million and more. For a movie with a reported production budget of over 185 million that needs cinematic revenues of close to 500 million to make a profit - this is quite a disappointment.

In contrast, Joker himself seems to be on the safe track for $ 1 billion in revenue - standing on a worldwide $ 934 million after his fifth weekend on the big screen, and has also successfully survived the entry of his new competitor targeting a similar target audience.


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