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Another impressive operation: SanDisk SSDs at a particularly low price in Amazon

Drives At prices approaching only one shekel for gigabytes and products More are offered at great prices now at the site of the largest retailer

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Mice and keyboards Do not you care? No problem - As promised in advance, Amazon has embarked on a very impressive operation also for Some of SanDisk's storage products (Sandisk) that may wink you a lot more.

The highlight of the current deal is without a doubt Drives from the Ultra II She explained quite clearly that they are offered at 56 prices for $ 120GB of volume 80 for 240GB and $ 110 only and 200 for the major versions of 480GB and 960GB respectively.

The Ultra II is perhaps not the most advanced SSD drive on the market - but at such prices is a great bargain
The Ultra II may not be the ultra- The most advanced in the market - but at such prices is a great bargain

The company offers official shipping to Israel, so even after additional taxes and shipping costs, it is less than NIS 600 for a half-terabyte drive, and less than 1,000 for a terabyte drive - the best prices we've seen Once for drives , And those that are very difficult to refuse. If you had plans to upgrade to - This is the time to snatch.

Additional offers include high-speed microSD and SD cards from the company's Ultra series, as well as several relatively simple USB drives, and a storage drive for Apple devices and USB wireless drives Of the Connect series. It is worth taking a look, but do not forget to make a quick comparison to the existing prices in Israel, in order to make sure that the deal does pay you.


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