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Prime Day 2019: Storage, Cooling and Peripherals

Discounted offers in all online store versions of They refuse to stop us

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Dozens of deals we have published so far have not helped you find your dream deal? We continue forward with all our strength with another fresh and definitely worthwhile list.

SanDisk UltraSD microSD expansion card in the Ultra Series 400GB At the lowest price to date - 52.1 dollars include shipping, or NIS 190.

Full size SD card from SanDisk Extreme Series with 256GB volume Also available at a real bargain price - NIS 55.64 or NIS 200.

SanDisk Mini USB Drive 256GB Ultra Fit sample Available at only 37.14 dollars (NIS 135) - you may even purchase two together to share the shipping cost between them and without exceeding the VAT exemption threshold.

Western Digital Black Internal Mechanical Hard Drive with 4 Terabyte Volume, 7,200 RPM Rotation Speed, and 256MB Cache Sold at 174.28 dollars including VAT and home delivery - NIS 620 value compared to NIS 890 or higher in stores in Israel.

Mechanical drives with At maximum discounts of tens of percent of the country's prices

Black Series 6 TB Drive Will be yours at the price of 228.22 dollars, or 810 shekels.

The Western Digital Red Pro Series drive, designed for rugged NAS systems that operate most of the day, is available at a discount of 179.54 (NIS 640, compared to 950 or more in Israel) To inflate 4 terabytes.

WD Red Mechanical Drive, 5,400 RPM Speed ​​and 10 Terabyte Volume, Sold for 342.17 dollars or 1,215 shekels.

Netgear's Nighthawk R6700 router With support for wireless transfer speeds of up to 1,750Mbps, a final cost of 102.78 USD or NIS 365 is offered.

Another quality rafter at a good price

860 QVO SSD drive in the capacity of 2 terabyte Sold for $ 242.87, which is only NIS 865.

A400's SSD drive is available at a great price of 113.99 for one terabyte of volume - meaning only NIS 405.

X Team Team DDR4 with 16GB, with 2,400MHz base speed and reasonable CL16 timings Sold for 64.41 dollars including home delivery - NIS 230 and one of the lowest price levels we have seen to date for such volume.

Memories The cheapest you can get, without compromise on the reputation of the company that manufactures

Void Pro RGB wireless Gaming Headset from Corsair, In black, sold for $ 92.89 - NIS 330 compared to NIS 470 in the country.

Another chance to kidnap the Samsung's 860 EVO at a phenomenal price to the volume of one terabyte - 120.26 Euro at Amazon France, which means only NIS 485 and about NIS 200 cheaper than the best price at our local stores.

RAYAL 600 WIRELESS CABLE LEADING KEY Available in the price 59.52 dollars including shipping, about 215 shekels compared to 380 shekels or more (!) In the local landscape.

Razer's Naga Trinity gaming mouse With different interchangeable panels on one side can be purchased at 65.36 dollars or NIS 235 compared to 380 in Israel.

For those looking to build their first home NAS system - Synology DS218j Station with Double Place for 3.5 Drives At the price of 171.09 USD, which is approximately NIS 610.

The NAS position is modest and affordable

Full-size Corsair K68 mechanical gaming keyboard, With Cherry MX Speed ​​mechanisms, is offered at 120.39 dollars - NIS 430, compared to NIS 600 or more in the country.

Seagate's Silver Plus Extra Backup External Drive is offered at the price of 132.75 (NIS) To a volume of 5 terabytes, And at a price 116.05 dollars (415 shekels) To inflate 4 terabytes.

Seagate FireCuda (Hybrid, Combined with Large NAND Cache) with 2 Terabyte Volume Sold for 87.66 dollars, which is 315 shekels, compared to 470 shekels for the same model in stores in Israel.

Samsung T5 External Hard Disk Drive Sold for $ 185.07, or NIS 660.

Internal WD SSD SSD SSD (not in NVM but with standard SATA controller, noteable) 2 terabyte Offered for 242.65 dollars - NIS 865, one of the lowest we have seen so far in the category.

Razer DeathAdder Elite Razer Gaming Mouse At a great price - only NIS 44.14 or NIS 160, compared to NIS 250 at the very least in Israel.

Advanced Corsair H115i Platinum closed water cooling system with 280 millimeter radiator with two fans and programmable RGB illumination, Which fits both Intel's residency and residency , At the price of NIS 159.16 which is NIS 570 - this compares with prices of NIS 750 and above for the same model you will find in the local market.

The most advanced water available on the market - at a little more than most days

Toshiba 4 External Hard Drive Available for 104.95 dollars, or NIS 375 - available in white or blue.

Toshiba 8 Terabyte Internal Hard Drive with 7,200 RPM Rotation Speed ​​and 128MB Cache, Sold in a final price tag of 199.94 USD, or 715 shekels.

A hard drive from the same Toshiba X300 series with an even more impressive volume of 12 terabytes Sold for $ 390.15 - NIS 1,385 value. Not the best deal of all in terms of cost per volume , But nevertheless pays for those who need maximum volume In one unit.

Did you find any more deals that we missed? Do not forget to share with everyone in comments!

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