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Another step on the way to an all-time high: reviews praise the avengers

updating: Anyone surprised? Endgame graphed an estimated $ XNUM million in just two days, Wednesday and Thursday, with about half of it coming from China - all before adding North American revenue ($ XNUM million on Thursday night - a new historical record of course) and dozens of other movie markets where In his official presentations only today. The billionth threshold certainly seems achievable at the moment, along with countless other economic highs.

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Original article: Avengers: Endgame will begin its cinematic run this weekend - reinforcing, on average, the highest scores ever for a superhero movie

Have you concentrated on the previous episodes event, have you booked tickets with successful venues ahead of time and are counting down the minutes until your screening? You're not alone - Avengers: Endgame began the official international launch And now it seems that nothing will stop him on his way to becoming the biggest cinematic weekend ever.

The new movie that will provide the climax to the Thanos human race is being launched fairly rarely at once in most countries of the world, including China which is the second largest market in the world and most likely to receive some delayed Hollywood launches - and the question now plagued by many is whether the first grandiose weekend will succeed To cross $ 1 billion in revenue (about $ 300 million in North America and the rest of the globe), or "settle" at $ 950 million, which is currently a moderate estimate, despite an improvement of 300 million compared to the previous record Avengers: Infinity War.

Many concerns have been heard about the unusual length of the new film, which will last no less than three hours - but it seems to satisfy everything the audience wants, without feeling overbearing or exaggerated

If anyone was still worried that Endgame might turn out to be a disappointment that would leave millions of fans with a sense of loss, it also seems to have been removed after journalists and critics who watched the work before everyone were given the signal to give the verdict - and chose to lavish praise, with Average 78 standing reviews from 100 on the Metacritic site Based on various 46 sources, and an even more remarkable score of 97 percent positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes website Based on 208 sources.

We know that the opinions of professional critics and the opinions of the average fan and viewer are not always identical and uniform - but surely, weighted scores that would not shame even an Academy Award nominee are another good sign for the fourth and final episode of The Avengers saga, which will help the various skeptics make a decision.

Want to try and guess what Endgame's weekend revenue will be? Share experiences from watching (without spoilers!)? You are invited to do so in response.

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