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Another surprising innovation: teeth that were created in a 3D printer and also destroy bacteria

Researchers from the Netherlands have developed a 3-D printed tooth that can kill 99 of bacteria in the mouth

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Visiting a dentist is not always a pleasant experience and in some cases may also result in high costs. Now, Thanks to the invention of a pair of researchers From the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, we will not have to suffer or spend money in dentistry. The team was able to develop a special polymer that is printed in a 3D printer that has been proven in experiments as 99, a percentage of the bacteria that come into contact with it without causing harm to humans.

So how does it actually work? The researchers combined ammonium salts in the polymer used for printing. When bacteria come into contact with the salt charged with a positive charge, the cell membrane is charged with a negative charge, causing the membrane to explode and kill the bacteria. Now researchers Further tests to confirm that the material will be durable enough to be used over time as an actual tooth.


It is important to note that this invention can be used for other dental accessories such as Bridges for printed teeth in 3D, But also many other areas such as prostheses, orthopedic accessories and other products that come in contact with the body regularly.

The increasing use and availability of 3D printing as an answer and solution to barriers such as cost and technical limitations allows more people to develop unique and innovative products that improve our lives. What product would you print with a germicide?

A substrate based on three-dimensional printing material on the right, and a bed that looks like a "natural" tooth laden with bacteria on the left
A polymer-based substrate on the right, and a bed that simulates a 'natural' tooth laden with bacteria on the left

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