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Apple is breaking the market: streaming service will cost less than major competitors

After revealing the price of the new Disney Plus platform at a lower level than Netflix's, it's time for Introducing its deal which is designed to make both competitors feel overpriced

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We are not used to seeing Apple as a company that surprises at lower prices than its competitors, but it seems that for a chance to get a prestigious stake in the online content market it is also ready to break the routine.

Launch event of the devices 11 also provided us with the announcement of 1 in November 2019 as the official launch date of the platform TV Plus in more than 100 markets around the world at the same time (it is unclear whether Be one of them from day one, or just a little later).

We have a landing date

What was even more surprising than the planned global availability is the price - Offer a free trial week for new users of the service (less than a free month's competitor), then charge a fixed monthly fee of 5 only, as opposed to 7 dollars in the Dinsey Plus service and 9 dollars for the basic package at In Uncle Sam's country.

The variety of Probably not the richest in the category - but it has many intriguing exclusive works

In Israel, the service of Will probably cost between NIS 18 and NIS 20 each month - which in any case will make it cheaper than the basic Netflix listing, which recently went up from NIS 20 a month to NIS 26 a month (alongside similar and even sharper increases in the two comprehensive levels of service , Which gives access to higher view quality and a higher number of viewers simultaneously).

Launch in Israel in a month and a half? With the grandiose program of To 100 countries and markets from day one it makes sense

Apple's streaming service will contain quite a variety of series and films that have been produced for it, with a massive reported billions of dollars and allow family viewing from six different devices simultaneously - much like the The new Arcade Games that will officially launch in a week and before the video service in question.

support in- And No need to choose a more expensive package, as opposed to Netflix

Additionally, Apple announced that purchasers of iPad devices, And new Macs will be eligible from now on access to the TV Plus service for a full year at no additional charge. $ 60 Value Benefit - Assuming that Apple does not offer an annual subscription to the platform at any discount.

Are you planning on experiencing the first leap of Into the online content world, or would you rather settle for services already available in the country today? Let's share in the comments.


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  1. Missing Super Important Information About Watching Habits: Apple will not have a binge for a whole new day or two days, there will only be one week a week, only after a season has binge option

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