April Fools 2019: The best tension on the net

Google, And Tinder and Neweg tried their luck in mass entertainment on the International Day of Deceit

Tradition continues this year - many technology companies (and not only them) invest considerable thought and effort to fool surfers, or at least surprise them and make them laugh and win a few more credits. Who was more successful in the mission and less? Welcome to judge for yourself.

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Around the world with Snake

The Google Maps service continued with the glittering tradition of practical stretching - and past Pacman This year we received a dedicated website Where you can play the good old Snake, based on familiar features from some popular destinations on earth.

A strange nostalgia in your browser, courtesy of Google

An application that cleans your screen

Another "development" of That instead of just cleaning up your digital space, it will have the ability to physically clean the display panel, with even a detailed scientific explanation of how this fictional technology works.

Smartphones for cars

OnePlus has decided to implement its fast loading technologies in another area that is thirsty for this - electric vehicles. You The Warp Car You can print to your private 3D printer, control it with touch gestures like a smartphone and load it for full day use can be done in just twenty minutes, and of course you are not mistaken. You think it all sounds too good to be true. Maybe in a few years?

Siren - the dating app will not really filter you by height

One of the only tensions that really surprised visitors and make them fall into the trap this year was created by Tinder's people, who presented a new possibility Filter users based on a new physical dimension - their height, With the use of "secret" technology that verifies the figure in practice by means of a photograph. This is a painful point for many men who are trying their luck in the field, and after quite a few angry responses received the obvious statement that this is a joke only. At least for now.

Declare publicly about your height without lying

The next generation of virtual assistants

NVIDIA has decided to go the way of the big ones and launch a smart assistant or a wise assistant of its own with the name that requires something RON and a holographic interface that can help you with your gaming tactics on the way to the desired victory, translate your curses and nerves into cultural discourse and drive trolls across the network. The future is already here!

Talk is weak

Also a company Likes to present us with new delusional products every year at the beginning of April, when this year it is a dedicated application that will make one of the most popular mechanisms in modern online titles useful to the real world - Ping, which reduces the need for speech by sending and locating your actions to friends with a single click. Silly, or perhaps genius and ahead of his time.

Illuminations , The Next Generation

The chain of stores Decided to make a bit of a laugh from the colorful enlightenment trend that does not skip almost any category of material goods today - with its integration into the processors themselves. No, we're not talking about the curls that already include the tiny LEDs in fact - but the chassis itself that gets its own disco treatment. A prophecy that fulfills itself?

The reminder you can not ignore

Duolingo is convinced that everyday practice is the one that will enable its users to learn new languages ​​in the most effective and quick way, and to make sure that people do not give up, will offer the services of its mascot, which will serve as a mechanism for physical alerting, and will not move anywhere until you do your daily tasks .

In case you've forgotten: Our web includes an unimaginable amount of information

Shutterstock chose to tap on its back and demonstrate the vast amount of information it offers its subscribers - by announcing the creation of a real, substantial library that will try to provide the same experience available to everyone in just a few clicks online.

Hebrew is not yet - but conversations with flowers actually have

The local representative office of The Netherlands chose to present us with a new feature for the smart maid from the company as part of a highly entertaining and entertaining video - the ability to connect people to flowers, and more precisely the colorful colors of the European country. Ah - and cacti too.

The Israeli angle

SudaStream has joined astronaut Scott Kelly to provide us with another good advertisement for a completely fictitious product - this time the suggestion is to find a useful use for annoying jerks and snoring, creating a soda bottle in a personal bottle.

Next-generation next-generation gaming screens

Why settle for a widescreen or even an ultra-wide screen when you can go to the edge? A short video from home Introduced the PG360, which simply surrounds the player with 360 degrees of display, in a way that will make the most sophisticated VRs pale.

Graphics cards for iphone Exposed. or not

A very nice and well-deserved final joke comes from the WCCFTech website, which leapt at the opportunity and presented us with technical details about one of the most intriguing products for hardware enthusiasts - Who are going to get to the market (really) somewhere over the next year. The details, of course, are completely fabricated, but the investment is nonetheless worthy of appreciation.

Did you meet any more interesting jokes that we missed? Let's share with everyone in comments!