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Best of all? The car camera that swept 400,000 dollars in Kickstarter

the mother Which can make a spatial image of 360 degrees and alert the driver to the danger of falling asleep is equivalent to 170 dollars or more? Thousands of consumers have already voted with their feet and decided that the answer is positive

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A crowd of enthusiasts of mass funding - a sophisticated car camera that answers the name Vezo 360 is about to complete its recruitment phase on the Kickstarter platform, And you have left a few days to carry out its armor at a price lower by about 43 percent of the final recommended price.

The camera in question includes a pair of 1 / 2.3 1-inch sensors with a photo angle of 180 degrees in a f / 2.0 shutter key - one documenting what is in front of the vehicle and the other documenting the passenger compartment, where users can choose between a divided view of the resulting video or Long panoramic view especially at 360 degrees, with resolution With H.265 compression and.

The official fundraising video - starring an unusually smug guy

The Vezo 360 includes a built-in internal battery that is designed to last two working days even when it does not receive power from the cigarette lighter socket (inter alia for recording even when the vehicle is parked and autonomous light is turned on in the identification of people walking nearby), built-in GPS receiver, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, 5.0, and even the possibility of cellular connectivity in the fourth generation - in favor of working with a dedicated application that will be available to the systems And iOS, and storage capabilities can also be stored , In addition to card storage Local up to 256GB.

The AI ​​version is more expensive - but contains capabilities that are almost nowhere else in the category

The real unique capability in Vezo 360 should be a smart object recognition system - to scan the driver's face, analyze risk situations in which he looks dormant and activate a voice alert to prevent it. It is difficult to estimate how reliable and effective this characteristic will be - but it seems that the very idea was enough to induce a significant number of consumers to be convinced, and to raise no less than $ 400,000 for the project.

The company plans to bring all models to investors before the end of this year

Only three days left To the fundraising campaign For the special camera, with a starting price of 170 USD (including international shipping but excluding VAT and various possible customs duties) for a basic version without artificial intelligence capabilities and a price of 220 for the upgraded AI version. Tell what you think of the comments.

The internal battery enables documentation even when the vehicle is parked - and using the product as a portable 360 camera outside the vehicle

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