Black Friday 2015 Specials in Bug Chain Stores

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The popular network joins many others in Israel with a week of Its own diverse

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After we told you about the proposals of KSP, Ivory, TMS And more Several shops In the country that decided to adopt the international trend of discounts for the end of the year - the time has come to settle with Bug, which was the first to bring the world of the world - A few years ago.

In their designated domain for the event established a bug Mini-site For the 2015 campaigns, and although there is a feeling that this time the operations are less generous and less extensive than in the past, there are still quite a few proposals that will be presented to some of you.


The second "big discount" product offerings of the previous Black Friday operations returned again with a discount of 60 on keyboards, mice, headsets, chargers, cameras , Computer and console games, and more - from the 30 home, companies that stand out for Microsoft, Audio-Technica, Herman / Kardon, JBL, Creative and AKG.


In addition, 50 offers a discount on the second product in the gaming equipment of the companies , And Turtle Beach.

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Prices Separate and attractive models also exist Some of AKG and JBL

Unlike similar KSP promotions, it seems that there are no restrictions on the purchase of two identical products or the return of the two products together, but there are some products from the participating companies that are exceptional and not participating in the promotion - please note.


Deals on the consoles include a European PlayStation 4 PAL version with an 500GB hard drive offered for 1,800 NIS (white or black), and a console The 500GB version with the FIFA 16 game offered for 1,837 - or the latest versions with Of terabytes and gameplay 16 or gaming And Rise of the For 1,879 NIS each, which makes Deal Kortz much more interested.

Exclusive credit card holders of Leumi Card embody beautiful discounts of 150 on two good products at all

A variety of deals are also available in the desktop category, especially laptops, with Acer, MSI, ASUS, HP, Dell, ASUS and Apple models. Among the outstanding proposals for the bill are HP 15 notebooks with 10 windows and Core i3-U processors and Core i5-U from the Broadwell and Skylake families at prices ranging from 1,944 to NIS 2,592, The ASUS -UX305CA offers the latest Core M processors, drives And accept QHD + resolutions at prices starting with 3,500 NIS - and Aspire ES1's very modest handsets In 11 and 13 sizes that cost only 900 and 1,000 NIS respectively.

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Finally, the bug also announces promotions for several prominent LG smartphones, , And others - although these are not disclosed on the site, and will be available only to those who come physically to the stores to order, so we can not judge their nature in the meantime.

מחיר Also available for the Mezzo metal MX5 smartphone

The operations of the bug began yesterday, and will continue until next Saturday, the 5 in December 2015. Did you find any good deals that we did not tell about here, were you in the stores and you heard about the prices of the 'secret' operation of the smartphones? Share with us and surfers the details in the comments!