Black Friday 2015 operations at TMS and WellCom stores

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The two stores that are under the same ownership also joined the frenzy of discounts and deals, with some quite interesting suggestions in hardware

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The black marble day itself has already passed, but most of the operations it has brought with it will last for at least a few more days - in order to give us all a good chance to increase the volume of the waste.

For this reason, we are here this time to introduce you to the festive Black Friday promotions TMS Computer Store, And the equivalent computer store WellCom. Without any further introductions, here are some of the highlights of the duet:

FSP's 450 power supply is offered in both stores for about NIS 200.

Integrating a wireless mouse and keyboard The MK550 is offered in both stores for NIS 250.

FSP's 700 power supply is offered in both stores for about 350 NIS - the Hyper sample in TMS and the Hexa sample at WellCom.

With a lot of power, without having to tear the pocket too much

Gigabyte motherboard based on the Z97 chipset (note that for the next generation, and the- But not for the next generation The new Z97P-D3 sample is offered in TMS for 376 NIS and WellCom for 369 NIS.

750 Watts The FSP Raider is offered at a cost of approximately NIS 400 in both stores.

GeForce GTX 550 Ti Graphics Card Company For a modest, reasonable price gamble sold for 398 in TMS.

A pair of additional Z97 boards Sold in 415 NIS in WellCom and 421 in TMS.

Drives של The popular 850 EVO series is sold for NIS 435 for 250GB and 850 for 500GB in both stores - definitely worthwhile for anyone who does not want to order from abroad for any reason.

The price of a promotion, even in Israel - although do not expect the cost / benefit ratio offered by Amazon in its operation
The price of an operation, even in Israel - though do not expect the cost / benefit ratio it offers As part of its operation

Define R4's favorite case Sold in approximately NIS 475 in both stores.

The GeForce GTX 750 Ti card is well established but worthy of home Sold on 576 NIS in WellCom and 585 in TMS.

A number of GeForce GTX 960 cards are offered at each store with price tags starting with 797 NIS in WellCom and 810 in TMS for a simple model with 2GB of Graphically, pass 860 NIS for 2GB models with double and triple decks and reach 917 NIS up to 996 for models with 4GB of Graphic and double-taping.

The GTX 960 4GB is also offered for purchase in a ticket Gigabyte 's R9 with Gigabyte The Triple Windforce is offered on 968 NIS in WellCom and 983 in TMS.

A desktop UPS screen of UZ2315H with FullHD resolution sold at WellCom for NIS 963 and TMS for NIS 978.

As a good alternative to the operation on the Radeon R9 390 That we saw in the KSP network, In TMS is proposed to purchase GeForce GTX 970's In a short model suitable for Mini-ITX enclosures for 1,524 NIS.

A very interesting deal on a card that can be the great dream of anyone interested in building a compact gaming system
A very interesting deal on a card that can be the great dream of anyone interested in building a compact gaming system

For dessert, in both stores, The JetStream model , For 2,185 NIS in WellCom and for NIS 2,218 in TMS.

Have you found any other worthwhile offers that we have not included on our list? As always - share your information with all users in comments or forums!