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Breaking expectation records: How much money will Avengers Endgame put in its first weekend?

The early ticket bookings led to the collapse of the major sales sites, China will join the rest of the world in launching - and now many on the net are trying to predict how big will be the fourth and final film of Avengers

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A year ago, The Struggle Against Avengers in the terrifying Thaneus brought the best movie opening ever - revenues of no less than 257 million in three days in North America alone and 640 million worldwide in total, on the way to more than 2 billion at the end of the run Of the film on the big screen.

In a few weeks, the superhero group will return to a second round that is supposed to be full of meanings for Marvel and Disney's expanded film universe, and fans are on the table - with unprecedented levels of anticipation.

The tense ending of the previous chapter and the relatively short wait time that has elapsed until the landing of the new chapter will be translated into unprecedented numbers? In less than three weeks we will know

About a week ago, official ticket sales began for the first launch days of Avengers: Endgame, beginning with the April 25, with reports of breaking all records for the first hour and first days of major services in the US - some that caused heavy load and temporary collapse. Now we also know that the new film will be launched in China parallel to other countries of the world, and not delayed as it was in the case of Avengers: Infinity War.

It's all ready for the big fight against one of Marvel's most successful villains

With all this data, the latest assumption is no longer about whether Endgame will break records - but how many of them will break, and what crazy threshold is stable for those who follow. Current estimates predict revenue of about $ 1 million at the end of the first week in North America, along with similar revenue in China, and based on Infinity War's performance last year, there are those who believe that Endgame may accumulate $ 1 billion (or close to that at least) .

Wild fantasy or logical development? We will continue to follow with interest the Grand Finale.


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  1. How they did not split the movie into two parts, would double the revenue!
    I just hope we get some quality screen time with HULK :-)

  2. If it's like the first - let's talk!
    I mean content / meanings and what is left
    From the movie a minute after leaving the courtroom,
    As much as you can say all about a comic book….

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