Breaking the Web: New video for Star Wars: The Last Jedi HWzone

Breaking the Web: New Video for 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

A fresh trailer to the next film in the central trilogy that comes in two months is raking over 20 million hits in In less than a day

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We've been following for a long time what has undoubtedly become the most profitable cinematic event of the entire 2017 year - the launch of the eighth film in the main feature line of the Star Wars series, two years after the huge success of 'The Force Awakens'.

The marketing and advertising effort for the new film, dubbed "The Last Jedi" in Israel, is now in its final alignment, it seems - with a full-length first trailer that offers a relatively dark and serious approach, and does a very good job of creating a mystery and interest in the plot development that awaits Us in the movie.

Ready for the annual launch of Star Wars? She's already around the corner

The new trailer shows all the familiar faces from the opening episode of the new trilogy, with Ray being trained by Luke Skywalker and expressing concern about her prospect of getting close to the dark side - a possibility that also gets much-needed and possibly inevitable in the final moments of the video, along with Kylo Ren. Other intriguing elements in the video are a particularly massive new sword of light used by Finn in the battle against Captain Pazma, a recent appearance by Carrie Fisher who passed away as Princess Leah - and a likable new computer creator named Porg, who may be the rising star in the brand's merchandising empire.

With approximately 20 million views for the official video only within 24 hours since it has been uploaded to the network (no more millions of views on parallel channels in Viewers), it seems that the interest and anticipation of the movie is very promising - even though technically this is not a new general record of the Internet world. With more than 24 million views as of the moment of writing this and 30 to 1 ratio in the number of positive votes compared to the negative for it, Disney seems to have many reasons to be happy with the progress right now.

There is also a new and impressive poster for the piece

What do you think about the trailer, and are you already preparing to go and watch the latest Jedi movies? Tell us in comments.


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