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Bridges gaps: Cellcom TV will receive Disney movies quickly

TV 's TV service Continues his attempt to accumulate quality content, this time with an interesting agreement with Disney Studios

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Hard to say The service of the Cellcom TV, Launched just a year ago, has revolutionized the Israeli television world, but with about 50,000 users opting to connect to the Internet video package that costs NIS 100 a month (compared to 2 or 3 from longtime competitor Yes and Hot), there's no question While an evolving factor to be noted.

During the first year of activity we saw the Is trying to reach an agreement that will allow it to provide viewers with a diverse and more interesting content, not always with success, but now it appears that it has succeeded in reaching an agreement that will give it a significant push forward. The company officially announced an agreement with studios The international, who will bring their latest films to the Israeli service - and with surprising agility.

According to the report, movies brought by Disney to movie theaters during the year 2015, such as The Voice Within, The Good Dinosaur, Tomorrowland, Antenne and The Avengers: Age of Ultron, will reach Cellcom within only eight months of the start of the run Their official on the big screen, a time that is undoubtedly short considering that running in the cinema for successful titles usually lasts for two to three months. for example, 'Star Wars the force arisawakens'The phenomenal is supposed to come To Cellcom's service Already during summer 2016, after being officially launched just over a week ago.


In August 2016 we'll see it on our TV?

Disney's films join Universal Studios (with whom Cellcom TV has reached a distribution agreement, it seems), 2015's cinema revenue champions, who are also slated to land on Cellcom TV in the coming months, with leading titles such as Fast and Furious 7,Shooter World',' Minions' and 'Fifty shades of gray'.

All of these films are likely to come to Yes and Hot services eventually, but Cellcom may have a temporary advantage here on the broadcast, especially a price advantage that has been in place since the beginning. If these agreements are what will lead veteran actresses to lower prices and offer more competitive terms - all consumers will be the winners here.


All the new films that will arrive will be offered in English versions with a Hebrew translation, and in versions with Hebrew dubbing

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