Brush your teeth with fun, with the help of your smartphone

Meet the magic mirror that will make you, and especially your children, brush your teeth a little more thoroughly

Making children brush their teeth, and especially brush their teeth properly, is a task that can be very challenging - and there are those who believe that the recruitment of The task can help make it easier. This is the smart Magik brush from Kolibree, a company specializing in developing toothbrushes from the New Age, which comes with an app Its own.

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The application is a game called Magik Mirror, based on the Salafi front camera of the smartphone you will install - with the ability to detect and track the movements of the Magik brush, and aim to eliminate evil aliens through bubbles, created in the appropriate place in the mouth by brushing course. All using colorful graphics and other means of adaptation to make the unfavorable task a useful one.

Brush in every corner and for a recommended time - without exaggerating

The company promises to provide relevant information about the brushing of the children to their parents, as well as restrictions on the duration of brushing, the rate of brushing and the number of times you can play (or in other words brush) during the day to make sure the fun does not become obsessive and causes the opposite effect of damage to the teeth and gums We know that Kolibree already has quite a bit of experience in this particular field, with a Temple Run-like game launched somewhere in 2014 for the same purpose (but not at all) , But the use of a brush with a sense of movement and space).

The brush itself is intended to be sold for less than 30 per unit, which will make the initial investment and its replacement every four months to six months as recommended for relative profitability, and the accompanying application will be free - so all we have left is to wonder whether we will see this brilliance in our various pharmacies In Israel.

First, the Magik brush will be offered along with a stand for the smartphone, for convenient operation without having to hold the device in hand while brushing - but later we can see the game built into smart sights dedicated to services

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