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Today from NVIDIA: Change the look of games with the click of a button with ReShade

The chip developer incorporates the stunning visual capabilities of the popular ReShade gaming application into the drivers it provides to consumers

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NVIDIA undoubtedly leads the graphics processing market in terms of capabilities and capabilities provided by its drivers and associated applications, with more frequent updates and support from competitors, more stable performance and more comprehensive capabilities in most areas. You can now add the list to its built-in support for the tool ReShade, Soon gaining amateur gaming thanks to its ability to provide a host of impressive visual processing effects to the most popular titles on the market with ease, efficiency and completely free.

With the official launch of Driver Game Ready from 441.08, users in the GeForce Experience environment can enjoy dozens of new shading settings built based on ReShade as part of the FreeStyle service of And next to 14 dedicated shading settings that have been there before. The company has chosen to differentiate between standard games and competitive online games where the choice of success settings will be more limited, in order to prevent situations where playing with one or the other visual filters will create an unfair relative advantage over its competitors - and will also enable ReShade in the Ansel service , Which makes it possible to produce particularly impressive screenshots from supported titles.

Significant upgrade from home You should know and examine

The addition of the ReShade settings may not be an unprecedented earthquake in the gaming world, but it can certainly make the lives of gamers who are already used to such settings much easier and more convenient with direct control of parameters from within the application of , And will help a large number of Get acquainted with the technology and the entire field, which allows you to get a new look at the headline every time within a few moments - including the corresponding FreeStyle service that remains relatively anonymous to this day.

Impact on the quality of effects in a number of prominent titles - in the menu that appears immediately above the game

Additional bonuses in the 441.08 version of the GeForce card driver include seven new screen models with technology Content, support for the cards GTX 1660 SUPER Fresh, enhanced game sharpening mechanism with the ability to control its properties directly from the Device Manager settings application, support for Null Time Delay in combination with vertical image synchronization to prevent screen tearing and more.

There are other improvements to display quality - which promise to be more efficient than previous versions of drivers

Maybe we will soon see some built-in and formal support for ReShade products in the drivers too For the cards Her personal? We would certainly welcome such a move.

Click here to go to the GeForce Game Ready Driver download page in the 441.08 version on NVIDIA's website

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