China operates HWzone navigation satellites

China operates the navigation satellites

The Chinese continue their efforts to stop their dependence on the West
China is rapidly turning from the private enterprise in the backyard of developed Western countries to an industrialized superpower. It produces everything, inhabits cheap and inexhaustible labor, and already Chinese companies are accumulating enough capital and daring to do so To invade the business of the West. now, The Chinese government also wants to establish its own navigation satellite network.
The Chinese navigation satellite network will be called Beidou and is based mostly on western developments. This is not genuine, but it will certainly provide citizens with navigation services and the government has yet another tool to follow its citizens.
The Chinese government has begun working on the navigation network already in 2000, and during the coming year it will launch about 100 satellites into space, including a significant number of satellites and military satellites, and the navigation satellite network will include 30 satellites. Just for comparison, the American navigation network, , Uses only 25 satellites. Although the network itself includes more satellites, the US government does not allow commercial access for all. In addition, China ensures that its navigation system will be more accurate than the.
This is only one of many steps of the Chinese government in its attempts to reduce its dependence on the West. In addition, the Chinese military will be able to rely on China's navigation system rather than on the United States.
The network already has about 100,000 users, but the Chinese government says the system will be fully operational only in 2020.


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