175 million viewers are not wrong? The first trailer for the movie Mulan sweeping the plates. • HWzone

175 million viewers are not wrong? The first trailer for the movie Mulan sweeping the plates

Disney continues the sequence of innovations to its painted hits from the past - this time with the 1998 oriental hit making an impressive action film

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With the success of the remake of the Aladdin film, which is drawing close to $ 1 billion in movie theaters around the world and the upcoming launch The Lion King Which according to all the preliminary signs will bring even more than this astronomical amount - it is natural to see that studios Are interested in continuing to promote more and more projects that are current and unanticipated versions of favorite animated films from the past.

This year, we expect more launches of the Lion King, as stated, and the sequel to the hit Melpentat starring Angelina Jolie - while the nostalgic offensive of the year 2020 will officially open the film Mulan, who is already winning the first teaser intriguing and very effective.

The classics come back after two decades - and look quite different

The original film Mulan, based in turn on a Chinese ballad from the 6th century AD, reached theaters in 1998 and received a warm reception with nominations for the Academy Award and the Golden Globe and revenues of more than 300 million worldwide. Now, it seems that Mulan in the 2020 version will be a dramatic, dramatic, and dramatic film of war, which will examine whether the entire Western world can fall in love again with a feature film with far-reaching features from the Far East, as was the case with the film 'Tiger, Dragon' in 2000.

Although the one-and-a-half-minute trailer presents a different vision than the cartoon on which it is based, it seems that the fans are not really opposed to it at this stage - with more than 175 million hits on all platforms and channels across the network at 24 the first few hours of its launch Trailer for the Lion King Of Disney's renewed films) and a significantly larger number of positive and sympathetic responses compared to negative reactions.

Dragon Mushu, dubbed by Eddie Murphy, was the central comic pause in the painted work - and in the meantime it seems that it will not even exist in the new version, to the dismay of some surfers

Do you think there is another huge hit here? Which is in the making, or will this time be a missed one? Let's talk about it in comments.

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