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Deadly Fury: Lost the gaming tournament - and began to murder

An exceptional event in the competitive gaming landscape in the United States will cast a shadow over the entire industry?

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A humble competitive gaming tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, became the focus of most media outlets - after a player named David Katz, outraged at his loss in the Madden football title, decided to fire his weapon and shoot in every direction. He murdered two people and wounded another 11 - before pointing the gun at his head and committing suicide.

The Katz son of 24 used the nicknames Bread and RavensChamp as part of his games in the popular EA Games sports series, and even won another tournament a decent amount of 10,000 dollars some time ago, but nothing really prepared the ground for what happened next - when the event Transmitted in several online real-time broadcasts Who documented the shooting And the victims only makes the story more shocking.

David Katz (right) last year when he won the Buffalo Bills and was on his way to becoming a legitimate professional in his field

The tragic results of this "gaming rage," a phenomenon that is familiar to almost every gaming enthusiast (with far less serious scope and results, of course), are now at the center of the media stage in North America and in many other countries - and could serve as another tool to shake the industry's thriving industry -Esports on all levels and those who love and engage with it.

The structure in which the official Madden Tournament took place in Jacksonville - and then the live, chilling kill-off campaign for some surfers

Will this shooting event, which is known to join dozens of events that have only occurred in the United States over the past year (most of them unrelated to gamers, of course), will spur initiatives to change the availability of weapons in the country - or will only introduce the gaming world and especially violent motifs in a negative light By agendas? We will continue to monitor and update.


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  1. Our hopes and prayers with the families of those killed, of course, but what is the logic in blaming eyes on non-sports (sounds best in Hebrew) when the real threat is just under the nose and he is the fifth-brass Jew at all? As usual, Pike News deals with incitement and deception and are also known under control… / s

    1. It is impossible even if they stop selling weapons there completely it will not help. From the Civil War when everyone came home with weapons to this day there are more weapons than people - more and more.
      Not only are they the strongest country in the world, if the government wants to take up arms there will be a civil war, if a country wants to invade there they will not succeed because not only are there so many weapons the people out there also train regularly.

  2. Quote of Lynn guest

    … If a country wants to invade there, they will not succeed because not only are there so many weapons the people there also practice regularly.

    Yes, invasion of the US will not succeed because of carrying personal weapons. Ashkara also has those who think of such mantras. * Together *) - So after we got over these ... Mr. Katz and his friends around the PlayStation consoles pose a real and frightening threat. Guys, you might want to think about this whole idea of ​​the invasion again.

    1. Inverse intent that Mr. Katz and all shooters pose no threat nor do anything if it were impractical to collect all weapons.
      The nuclear weapon is a wonderful thing - stopped the serious wars in the world because there is a balance of terror - a country that wants to conquer a nuclear state will not be able to do it through weapons.

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