Deadly Fury: Lost the gaming tournament - and began to murder

An exceptional event in the competitive gaming landscape in the United States will cast a shadow over the entire industry?

A modest tournament of competitive gaming in Jacksonville Florida soon became the focus of most media outlets - after a player named David Katz who was furious at his loss in the title race Madden decided to draw his weapon and shoot in all directions. He killed two people and wounded another 11 - before pointing the gun to his head and committed suicide.

Katz, the 24, used the terms Bread and RavensChamp as part of his games in EA Games' popular sports series, and even won another tournament for a good amount of 10,000 dollars, but nothing really prepared the ground for what happened next - Delivered on several live broadcasts in real time Who documented the shooting And the victims only makes the story more shocking.

David Katz (right) last year when he won the Buffalo Bills and was on his way to becoming a legitimate professional in his field

The tragic results of this "gaming rage," a phenomenon that seems to be familiar to nearly every game enthusiast (with much less serious consequences, of course) are now at the center of media in North America and many other countries - -eSports on all levels and those who love and engage in it.

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The building where the official Madden tournament took place in Jacksonville - and then the killing campaign broadcast live and chilling to some surfers

Do you know that this shooting event, which, as is well known, is the result of dozens more events that took place in the United States during the past year (most of them without any connection to gamers, of course), will prompt initiatives to change the availability of weapons in the country, By parties with agendas on the subject? We will continue to follow and update.