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Another success for a truck traveling on its own

Subsidiary of 50 completed its first autonomous shipment of 1,000 alcoholic cans on the way to a real revolution in the world of transport

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On the morning of October 20, a truck carrying 50 a thousand cans arrived in the city of Colorado Springs, USA. Any other shipment of cans would not have attracted special attention, but this time it was done by an autonomous truck. "For close to two hours. During the trip he was in the back seat of the truck, whose job, among other things, was to supervise the trip in the event of a malfunction. It is important to note that not all routes were autonomous. While driving, the driver controlled the truck in the traditional way. The truck traveled autonomously only on the highway between the cities at an average speed of about 190 mph. A Colorado police patrol tracked the truck for the duration of the autonomous journey.

Autonomous Truck of OTTO
OTTO's autonomous truck leads the Budweiser beer

The autonomous truck was developed by the American company OTTO. One of the founders of the company is Lior Ron, An Israeli engineer graduated from the Technion and formerly a Google employee. OTTO was recently acquired by Uber in a deal that costs about 680 million. In an interview The Verge Ron noted that OTTO is not developing the trucks themselves but rather hardware kits adapted to existing truck models. The truck that carried the beer delivery included two cameras to identify the path, a laser sensor (TO DEAL) For measuring distance and creating 3D simulation, two front radar systems for detecting obstacles and other vehicles as well as receiver . Before carrying out the shipment, the company made a round trip between the starting point and the destination point to map the route.

A Budweiser can
One from 50 a thousand cans Budweiser. On each can, the truck logo was printed for the occasion

Ron says autonomous trucks will help reduce accident deaths, most of which occur because of the human factor. An autonomous truck will also reduce insurance costs and even save fuel costs. At this point, US law requires a person's presence in the truck throughout the entire journey, but according to Ron, the driver can fall asleep during the trip if he becomes tired, and his physical stay in the vehicle may no longer be necessary in the future.


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  1. It's interesting how long before someone starts robbing trucks without a driver, it's enough to put a barrel on the road and she stops and does not know what to do. You can capture it between 2 trucks and navigate it wherever you want.

    1. Life was tarnished
      She stops everywhere there is something on the way and it cannot be bypassed otherwise she will start to drop everything on the road.

  2. On the one hand, it is good for the company to avoid fuel and time, and on the other hand, it is a bad thing because it proves the workplaces of the truck drivers, which will cause the plot to be canceled.

    1. Even in the Industrial Revolution, people complained that they would lose their jobs (and so it was), but people always invented and reinvented themselves.

  3. Maybe she can shoot everything, open a call to the police in real time and stream everything to the security forces?
    Or alternatively - lock all doors until it reaches its destination.
    You can find solutions to that

  4. It's just me or 190 mile in nearly two hours indicating an average speed of at least 95 km / h .. seems a little too fast for a truck in general and autonomous in particular

    1. 95 mph is not too fast. It's an open road designed for even higher speeds.
      Already, and in the future - as technology improves - the fact that you have cited the autonomy of the truck as a negative factor will be increasingly ridiculous.

  5. What bothers me is who takes responsibility in the event of an accident with fatalities? The programmers?
    Hari can send such trucks and the company that sends them doesn't care how many people it kills as long as it is financially worthwhile…

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