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New Israeli development: Real 3D without glasses

Researchers at the Weizmann Institute in cooperation with the University of Haifa WITH Developed Innovative for cinemas

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3D videos are gaining momentum. Many of the films produced today also come in version . There are several types of technologies Which are common in theaters, but to enjoy the 3D experience itself, there is a need for bulky glasses.

There are several technologies for glasses At different levels of quality and cost, but their use always involves confusion and requires proper preparation of the cinemas. Put on your glasses Is also often accompanied by discomfort, especially for short-sighted people who need to have an eyepiece in advance and wear the three-dimensional glasses on their glasses.

In the left picture we see a three-dimensional technology with no reflections in which the picture is passed on to all viewers, and each viewer sees a different angle. Source: Weizmann Institute of Science
In the photo on the left is visible Three-dimensional without glasses in which the image is transmitted to all viewers and each viewer sees a different angle.
This is in contrast to the new technology presented in the right-hand image, which is divided into a narrow field of viewers and a replica of the viewing angle for all the people in the hall. Source: Weizmann Institute of Science

Technologies with no Have been around for a number of years, but they have some drawbacks that limit them from breaking forward. Some technologies allow 3D visualization only for one viewer or individual viewers in front of the screen. Another part allows viewing a large number of viewers, but decreases the resolution and quality of the image transmitted to each viewer.

Another problem that exists with today's 3D glasses-free technology - is that every viewer in the movie theater sees the picture differently, and therefore gets a different picture than a viewer sitting at the other end of the movie theater.

Cinema viewers with 3D glasses
Cinema viewers with 3D glasses

A new development by researchers at the Weizmann Institute, in cooperation with MIT, allows a space between spectators in different places in the hall, and presents a unique 3D image to each viewer, replicated by all viewers of the auditorium using mirrors and lenses.

The development also does not require lowering the image resolution for each viewer, a disadvantage that exists today in some 3D viewing systems without glasses. The solution to the problem of resolution stems, among other things, from the fact that in cinema everyone sits back without significant movement, while in systems Homeless The person moves from one place to another, so it is necessary to transmit a picture to any angle in which it is located - which results in a compromise on resolution.

The researchers note that the new technology is not yet ready to enter the markets and it is not yet clear how practical it is in terms of cost, but it is quite possible that in a few years we will be able to watch films Higher quality and no glasses required.

The Israeli development team was represented by Prof. Anat Levin and Natalie Efrat. The research was funded by the Israel Science Foundation and the European Research Council.


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