Digital crime flourishes: WannaCry and Erebus malware continue to collect HWzone victims

Digital crime is flourishing: WannaCry and Erebus malware continue to collect victims

The closing of a manufacturing plant of Honda and a payment of $ 1 million from the company Korean information returns the ransom infidels to the headlines

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Just after the peak of the WannaCry ransom outbreak last month, which caused major disruptions in hospitals, factories and organizations across the globe that did not bother to install the patch they distributed For its systems a few months before - we received various reports that the attack allegedly failed financially, with a value of only "150,000 dollars" in Bitcoin paid to regain access to files in hundreds of thousands of pasted and flooded systems.

The headache of Honda

It was not entirely clear what the purpose of the report was, apparently, before many of the victims were able to return to normal working conditions (and therefore presented a non-definitive and inaccurate amount), but it is highly doubtful that this type of information will help prevent the continued distribution and infestation of the infamous damage - and malicious damage Similar to her, which is reflected right now in the report that Honda had to quit the proper work of a manufacturing plant due to a WannaCry outbreak.

The Japanese manufacturer confirmed that they had to stop working at a car manufacturing plant near Tokyo for a few days due to the adherence to much of the ransom software in question, which even managed to expand to additional locations owned by the manufacturer in Europe and America (to a lesser extent) - 1,000 vehicles a day in good working order, there is no doubt that this is a major economic blow, which illustrates well how damage and other digital tools can cause real-world trouble.

Honda's factory had to stop working and suffer a financial loss - but it is probably still "better" from a hospital that stopped functioning because all its equipment was encrypted and out of use

Not at all unpleasant - especially along with statements that Honda's computer department has taken precautionary measures to prevent the breach on which it is based This, which also raises some concern that there are additional mechanisms of action that may not have been known until now.

is also Speed ​​cameras on interstate roads in Australia have been hit by WannaCry - canceling the various reports that have been received and produced

In Linux, too, it happens

Think that's all? Not at all - a recent report other than that of a service company Online named Nayana had to pay $ 1 million (!) To eliminate another common heresy drug that meets Erebus - finding its way to more than 150 servers Which it owns and encrypts thousands of files belonging to its customers.

This massive amount, in fact, also constituted a large "discount" over the original ransom demand, which amounted to a total of nearly 4.5 million dollars in currencies - and narrowed down after negotiations conducted by company members with the virtual criminals who attacked it.

Another ransom that causes trouble for companies around the globe - and also gets a lot of money from it

Bottom line, there seems to be no reason to believe that ransom damage on the way to disappearing from the net, on the contrary - 'successes' like those in the previous paragraphs will probably only spur us on Of all kinds of smart and malicious tools, and it seems that all users, regardless of the amount of experience, training and operating system they use, will have to learn how to protect the computers, especially their information (and its backups) more effectively , Without relying on any third party to do so for them.


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  1. On Linux, this happened because those attacked servers were not updated to a recent kernel version
    Hackers just used a security guy in the same old kernel, other huge companies running
    Linux made sure to update to latest kernel version so I haven't been attacked I personally use Linux for years and curse the same every day
    A day I pollute my computer if this thing called WinSheet and I no longer talk about the WinSheet 10 which is just a sieve from most of the holes this system has that we won't talk about a built-in kilogram.

    A lot of redheads are just lazy to update something that has been working for years and doesn't take cyber threats seriously if a "me it doesn't happen" approach

    1. I did not understand!
      Why does Linux not filter if you have updated the latest kernel version,
      But Winchit is a sieve, even though the one who updated the patch two months ago was not injured?
      There was a hole in both systems, and anyone who cared to close it was not injured.

  2. That's because he doesn't understand anything.
    He knows how to quote and write .. But what that means is he doesn't understand.
    Because what he said about Linux is exactly what happened to Win.
    But what does he understand…
    Just let him compile… or max run Bactrac guides…

    People with huge potential….
    But if you do not understand the nature of the most virgin biblical code…. All this potential can bring disaster 6 a

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