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The first trailer for the remake of The Lion King drives the network - and breaks viewing records

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Hollywood is full of painful evidence that engaging with classic and everyone's favorite works is not a good idea because the result will almost always pale in the audience's sense of nostalgia for the original - unless it's a studio , Who have already created a pair of new huge hits based on immortal animation films from the past and show no intention of stopping there.

After the delightful success of the 2016 Jungle Book and the tremendous success of 2017's Beauty and the Beast, which combined flesh and blood actors with compelling computer characters to produce a near-perfect remake of the famous cartoon from the previous millennium - Disney is off to a big start in marketing For the coming year we are launching a first teaser for one of the most successful animated films in all history.

The wonderful lion king from 1994 will also win a remake based on impressive computer animation that tends towards maximum realism, it seems - and the online audience is overwhelmingly voting for the idea now. The short trailer that shows some of the moments that every movie enthusiast remembers well from its past has received about 28 million views (!) In its first day on the official channel of - And according to the company, 224 has graphed a million views on all media in a total of 24 hours since it went online.

This is a tremendous record that is, in fact, the second highest figure in the history of the net - since the premiere trailer for The Avengers series: Infinity War, which garnered around 230 million views in its first day. This is a particularly flattering comparison for Simba and his entire group - considering the Infinity War is one of four Which have reached total revenues of more than 2 billion on the big screen.

Even before the realistic lion king - we get a new version of Philo Dembo, 78 years after the original box office success

The Lion King will head to the cinemas at 19 in July 2019, equipped with an impressive battery of speakers - and will actually be a third film project in this new endeavor by the huge media company, after a new version of Dumbo coming in March as director Tim Burton's new project, as well as a cinematic version of Aladdin starring Will Smith as the crazy Ginny and directed by Guy Ritchie to arrive in May (and also won a promising trailer a while ago).

Disney is well aware of the power and potential of its classics library, and seems to plan to exhaust every drop in the next few years with more and more similar projects based on New Age technologies to make the two-dimensional picture real and tangible.

The next few years will be filled with such remake films - mostly on my part , But probably also from other studios trying to recreate the successes

Does anyone even doubt that these films will become big success stories that will bring hundreds of millions (or even billions) of dollars into Disney's pocket? Feel free to share your comments with us.


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  1. Remakes are a sign of ingenuity and standing.
    Of all the aforementioned films that interest me, Aladdin is hard to believe but Will Smith will be able to get closer to tickling Robin Williams' original Ginny (which the entire original film is based on).
    I also have a feeling that SJW agendas will be pushed to their kind which will in general spoil the source.

  2. According to some videos I have seen, the new trailer is almost identical (at the level of "photo angles") to the original Lion King trailer.

    If the whole movie is trying to be the same (as much as the plot changes) is that a good idea or will it just make the movie unnecessary?

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