Disney streaming has been launched but will probably not arrive in the country, at least in the coming year • HWzone

Disney streaming has been launched but will probably not arrive in the country, at least in the coming year

The Disney Plus service has officially launched in North America with mostly positive responses - but the media giant seems to be in no hurry to expand its international availability

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American customers are currently suffering from quite a bit of headache when it comes to the streaming content they want, like Netflix, TV Plus, HBO Max, Prime Video and Hulu also join the Disney Plus platform, featuring a mix of classic cinematic content, modern Star Wars and Marvel worlds, and exclusively produced and available on this streaming service - with initial reviews indicating that it is, in most cases, high quality and well-crafted works. Expectations of them.

The Disney Plus platform has been officially and publicly launched in the US, Canada and the Netherlands at a cost of 7 $ 1 for one month or 70 $ for a full year - with the service allowing access to four devices in parallel across all content and resolutions including , Something that is only available on the most expensive version of Netflix (Netflix) competitor at a monthly price of US $ 16, or NIS 60 in the country. Plans to take advantage of its price advantage over most end-to-end competitors, and offers a discounted Triple Pack with a subscription to Hulu and ESPN Plus streaming services for sports enthusiasts at a combined monthly price of 13 dollars - the same as Netflix's latest base price in North America.

The official home expansion plan - Where exactly You came in here, if any?

Despite considerable technical problems in the first few hours after the service was opened, it seems possible to call the leap of To the world of paid content as a success - but unfortunately, we probably won't get to taste it and test it in the coming year.

As part of the launch, the giant media company members shared service expansion plans in the near future - with launch in Australia and New Zealand next week, launching in several major Western European countries on 31 in March 2020. The next step will be the launch of the Eastern European service in October 2020, when it seems the most practical opportunity to hope for launch in the Holy Land (even if it is not natural to claim that Israel is part of Europe) - because the sequel includes launches in Latin America and the Far East, without mention Of the Middle East at this time.

The beginning has been fraught with connection problems for some fresh consumers - but as the days go by, things seem to be getting better and better

Assuming Disney does adhere to the current business plan, it seems that Disney Plus could be in Israel in about a year from now - or just somewhere after 2021 in a less optimistic scenario.

There are also ambitious content-scale growth plans that will be available on the platform

Geographical limitations can be overcome and accessed through content using VPN, but taking into account such subtitles in Hebrew or dubbing in Hebrew (for a variety of children's films drawn from decades of rich activity In the domain) will not be available at all, which is probably a possibility for only a relatively small portion of the general audience.

The home media triple service Win the established competition? We'll see

Want to see Disney Plus running in the country soon, or will you be content with streaming already in the country from local or international reps like Netflix and Amazon? Let's talk about it.

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